Real Time Data from Garmin Creates Powerful Experience for Users

Do you want to leverage the power of real-time data from Garmin wearables in your mobile app and create innovative experiences for your users?  Now you can using the Garmin Health Companion SDK for Android and Apple devices.

Garmin wearables produce a variety of metrics that can be used to enhance and promote a healthy lifestyle.  Features built on this rich data can motivate users to be more active, provide insights about their stress levels, and help improve their workout performance.

This same sensor data can now be streamed to third-party apps using the Garmin Health Companion SDK, allowing you to create custom features for your users with minimal development.

Gold’s Gym recently launched an updated version of its digital personal training app, GOLD’S AMP, that integrates the Companion SDK to display heart rate in real time during workouts.  Combining the power of the workouts available in the GOLD’S AMP app with the high-quality sensor data from Garmin wearables creates an elevated experience that adds meaningful value for users.

GOLD’S AMP provides users with expert guidance, coaching and encouragement every step of their workout,” said Josh Rider, Gold’s Gym Senior Vice President of Revenue Management and Strategic Partnerships. “Teaming up with Garmin as a leading wearable technology provider is a natural fit for GOLD’S AMP as we continue to expand and enhance the experience and results tracking we provide within the app.”

Garmin Health provides enterprise solutions that leverage Garmin wearables and the high-quality sensor data they produce for use in the fitness, corporate wellness, population health and patient monitoring markets.  Contact us to request more information about how to build your own innovative app experience today.