ImagineCare and Garmin Health Collaborate on Connected Health Care Solution

The ImagineCare health platform is designed to offer patients personalized, proactive and responsive support for anything from basic health care to the management of hypertension, congestive heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and diabetes. Now, thanks to a collaboration with Garmin Health, biometric data from Garmin wearables is an integrated part of this solution, providing additional insight about the patient’s well-being.

The ImagineCare Platform

Through a mobile app, connected devices and clinical pathways designed in collaboration with a world-class academic medical research center, ImagineCare helps chronic disease customers feel more connected to their care teams through real-time evaluation of biometrics such as blood pressure, weight, activity, sleep and blood glucose levels. Customers are provided with convenient clinical support that fits into their daily lives and suits their personal preferences, with contact options including text, video, phone or email.

The platform offers encouragement, advice and assistance while providing important information to care teams. The data reported is monitored for negative trends, and the platform allows care teams to reach out to users about any alerts or required changes in their care plan.

The ImagineCare Experience

Customers are invited to enroll in ImagineCare by their health care provider. The ImagineCare app makes enrollment and connecting the monitoring devices, such as weight scale, blood pressure cuff and Garmin wearable, easy and seamless. All devices work directly with the ImagineCare app without additional accounts or apps required. Care is tailored for each customer through a series of questions related to their lifestyle, health goals and diagnosis.

ImagineCare and Garmin Health

The collaboration between ImagineCare and Garmin Health creates a frictionless experience for users by allowing them to set up and automatically report health and activity data from Garmin wearables directly through the ImagineCare app. Through an integration of the Garmin Health Standard SDK, the ImagineCare app is able to configure the Garmin vívofit 4 and retrieve the activity data without the user setting up a Garmin account or needing an additional app. Additionally, the vívofit 4 is great for patient-monitoring applications, with a one-plus year battery life, water resistance, and automatic activity and sleep tracking features. The device is lightweight and comfortable to wear 24/7, providing both users and clinicians with continuous, objective activity data.