Garmin and Twin Health Help Patients Monitor Diabetes

Garmin wearables help countless people monitor their health — and with Twin Health, we’re taking it a step further. Twin Health developed the Whole Body Digital Twin™ to help reverse, improve and prevent chronic metabolic diseases, including Type 2 Diabetes. With the combination of a Garmin fitness tracker and the Twin Health service, patients and their health care providers now have access to a truly personalized approach that seeks to improve energy and health, stabilize blood sugar levels and eliminate or reduce medication.

How do you combat Type 2 diabetes?

Studies show that you may be able to improve and reverse Type 2 diabetes. This means that your blood sugar levels can return to a healthy range without the use of medication. In fact, Twin Health reports that in its recent randomized controlled trial, 92% of patients eliminated all medications, including insulin. By continuing to make the best choices for your body, you may be able to retrain the cells that help your body to control blood sugar.

How can Garmin and Twin Health help?

Garmin and Twin Health are uniquely positioned to help people understand how they can normalize their blood sugar levels by seeing what matters most to their unique metabolism. Patients with the Whole Body Digital Twin service use noninvasive devices, including a continuous glucose monitor and a Garmin vívosmart® 4, which is included in the cost of the program. (If you already own a different Garmin smartwatch, you can pair that with the app as well.) The glucose monitor sends continuous data about a person’s metabolism, including blood sugar levels, directly to the Twin Health mobile app. When combined with data from a Garmin fitness tracker, which includes exercise stats, sleep data and heart rate, the Twin Health app measures how blood sugar levels are fluctuating based on the person’s activities. This results in a predictive model that provides individualized guidance to patients and their care team.  

This means that, with an action as simple as opening the Twin Health app on your compatible smartphone, you’ll have a real-time picture of what activities are having an impact as you work to reverse your Type 2 diabetes. But don’t worry; it’s not up to you alone to interpret the data and adjust accordingly. Consultations with health care providers and Twin Health coaches provide guidance in categories like nutrition, sleep and activity — all tailored to you and what’s best for the management of your blood sugar. Additionally, under the guidance of your health care provider, you may even be able to safely reduce or eliminate medications.

Ready to get started?

The Twin Health service is available today via partner programs such as employer benefits or health insurance plans. While Twin Health expands services in the United States, you can learn more about how to access this technology at Twin Health’s website.

The Whole Body Digital Twin platform is not a medical device, and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.