Cleveland Clinic Healthy Choice Program with Motion Connected

Are you looking for real employee engagement results with your wellness program? It starts by aligning easy-to-use and motivating technology with thoughtful relationships. Here’s one story of a win-win-win relationship with Cleveland Clinic, Motion Connected and Garmin Health.

Cleveland Clinic, a leader in the health care industry, has successfully flat-lined its annual medical and pharmacy costs since 2014, while also maintaining a high level of active participation for the company’s employees and spouse population of more than 60,000.

So what’s its secret? Cleveland Clinic uses a comprehensive wellness program with an emphasis on improving physical activity levels with wearables. The company believes in the power of physical activity so much that it is the ONLY behavior goal required for employees and spouses without a diagnosed, modifiable chronic condition.

David Pauer, wellness director at Cleveland Clinic shares, “It’s part of a philosophy of keeping your healthy population healthy. It’s much easier and cheaper to keep healthy people from getting to the point where they have a chronic condition than it is to wait until they have the chronic condition and then try to treat them.”

The problem was they needed technology providers to help them manage, track and award employees for their healthy action.

That’s where Motion Connected, a wellness portal and wearable distribution provider, and Garmin Health come in. The relationship was formed in 2015 to blend the wellness portal experience and activity device data together into Cleveland Clinic’s Healthy Choice program. Motion Connected looked to Garmin as the ideal provider, based on its high-quality activity devices, hub-based offloading capability and the availability of an array of price point options for employees.

With this new approach and access to Garmin devices in place, Cleveland Clinic’s Healthy Choice program saw impressive results. In 2018, 86% of those eligible for the premium incentive actively participated in the program. Of those, greater than 80% met the medical director’s threshold for meaningful physical activity levels. Better yet, the participants had great things to say, “I track my steps daily.” “What’s given me the positive feedback is my own body.” “I sleep better at night, I’m not as tired toward the end of the day, and I dropped about 35 pounds.”

Successfully engaging employees at these levels through physical activity requires the combination of device dependability and a solid wellness platform. The Garmin Health and Motion Connected relationship has brought this combination to reality for Cleveland Clinic, while helping its wellness program thrive and grow.

Garmin Health provides enterprise solutions that leverage Garmin wearables and the high-quality sensor data they produce for use in the fitness, corporate wellness, population health and patient monitoring markets. Contact us today to find out more about how Motion Connected and Garmin Health could create an innovative solution that’s right for your company.