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#BestYouBestYear January Challenge

We have all set New Year’s resolutions. And truth be told, we’ve all broken New Year’s resolutions. We decide the beginning of a new calendar year is the perfect time to kick-off change in our lives. Let’s be real, without a plan, it’s easy to return to our old habits. But that’s not going to happen to you this year!

We’ve created a #BestYouBestYear 31-day challenge to help put our words into action. Each week will focus on an aspect of living a healthy life, and each day there will be a challenge or a task to complete with the goal of ensuring you’re working 24/7 to beat yesterday. With the help from our ambassadors, pro athletes, and other friends of Garmin, we’ll be giving you the tips and tricks on sleep, nutrition, hydration, training, motivation, recovery, and more to jump-start the first month of 2017.

Each day we’ll post a new tip on our social media channels FacebookTwitter and Instagram. Follow along to see how you can take 2017 to the next level. We encourage you to share your progress by using #BestYouBestYear on social media! Keep posting for a chance to win prizes throughout the month. Let’s ring in 2017 together and work to beat yesterday, each and every day.

Let’s get a jump start on 2017. Want to get started now? Make sure your Garmin Connect profile is set up and start working to achieve your daily step goal or push yourself to hit 10,000 steps every day. Next week we’ll focus on meal tracking, hydration and challenges. We’re starting small, but that won’t last for long. Get ready – this will be your best year yet.

Don’t forget to share your progress with #BestYouBestYear!

Photo from Garmin Ambassador @Bre_fontaine.