5 Connect IQ Data Fields with Heart

Trending HR Data Field:

With this Trending HR data field*, you can view your current, maximum and average heart rate, heart rate zone and heart rate trend all on one screen. This data field stores about a minute worth of heart rate data and uses a unique triple pointer design to give you your heart rate at equally spaced intervals. This allows you to immediately see the impact of your current effort level. The Trending HR data field is great for indoor and outdoor bike training.



In-Zone is a data field ideal for cardio workouts that displays heart rate data, calories burned,  heart rate zones, and also provides an effort score based on the time spent in each heart rate zone. The screen of your Garmin will change colors to indicate which zone you’re currently in. The screen also displays elapsed time/time of day, your current heart rate and the zone, the percent of time spend in the current heart rate zone, percent of maximum heart rate, and your effort score. Compatible for the D2 Bravo, D2 Bravo Titanium, fēnix 3, fēnix 3 HR and fēnix Chronos.


Strava Live Suffer Score:

The deeper you dig, the longer you can hold on, the higher your Suffer Score. This data field analyzes how much time you spend in different heart rate zones and measures the total activity effort with a simple rating. Live Suffer Score is already pre-installed on the Forerunner 735XT and works with all Connect IQ-compatible devices. If you want to see your Suffer Score after your run is over, and track score over time, you better go Premium. Live Suffer Score requires a built-in optical heart rate sensor or a paired heart rate monitor.


Heart Rate and Time in Zone:

This simple data field enables you to see all the relevant heart rate data in one screen. It will display heart rate and zone gauge, as well as the time spent in each zone during the current activity in a colorful bar graph.  View heart rate in beats per minute (BPM), percentage of maximum (HR %Max) or percentage of heart rate reserve (%HRR).


Visual HR Zones:

Visual HR Zones displays your current heart rate and current heart rate zone. The heart rate zones can be customized in the app settings, but will start with the following values: Zone 1: warm up 0-60% max heart rate, Zone 2: easy – 60-70% max heart rate, Zone 3: Aerobic – 70-80% max heart rate, Zone 4: Threshold – 80-90% max heart rate, Zone 5: maximum – 90-100% max heart rate. Your maximum heart rate value is automatically calculated based on your age and gender, but it can also be configured on your device for additional customization.

Want more on heart rate training? Read this to learn about adding additional heart rate training to your work out.


*A data field is used inside an activity and is different from a widget or watch face. After downloading a data field, go into activity settings then, data screen, and from there select a screen. Now, once you start an activity, that data field will be visible on the face of the watch.