We Love Our Running Buddies

Running is often seen as an individual sport, but for these athletes, hitting the pavement is a team sport. Three Garmin Fitness ambassadors share their stories on how running unites them. These are individuals who love to share their passions, support one another and make their fitness not only a priority, but also something that bonds them together.

First we meet Sara and Wes Turner. Sara and Wes met in college almost 11 years ago, and got married in 2011. They’ve always been runners and although they both believe running is an individual act, a time when they can be on their own, think, compete and be free, they still take time to run together and support each other on their fitness goals. “I am beyond lucky to go through this journey of life (and running) with him!” said Sara. Sara explains that having someone she can ask questions to, someone who knows what I’m going through day in and day out, is an amazing thing. “I admire that Sara will gladly sacrifice sometimes her own running goals to support me,” said Wes. “She is not selfish and really tries to go above and beyond to support me in my running goals.” Sara and Wes look for races they can participate in together so they can experience and relate to one another in those regards.

Running might have brought them together, but the bond that Kati and Lindsey have created as friends helps motivate them both to achieve more. Lindsey Bisgrove and Kati Keenan met a little over a year ago on a run during “one of the most frigid nights,” said Lindsey. “The rest, as they say, is history.” Now great friends, Lindsey and Kati run between 4 and 5 times during the week. They continuously motivate each other and when one doesn’t want to run, the other makes sure it happens. “Lindsey has seen me at my best and my worst and has never once judged me,” said Kati. They support each other in running the same way that they would in their friendship. “When one of us has a weak moment, the other picks up the slack,” said Lindsey. “When someone is on top of the world, she pulls the other person up there with her.” Lindsey and Kati both love to travel and hope to run either a half or full marathon in every state. When they aren’t running, they like going to stand-up comedy shows, trying new local food and beer, and online shopping.


For ambassador Carlee McDot and her husband, Ryan, running is just one of the activities they do together. Carlee and Ryan have known each other for 13 years and have been married for 8. Although Ryan’s favorite form of fitness is surfing, he and Carlee love going on various adventures together and try to be active together at least once a week. “Sometimes, if I can wake up early enough, I even run with Carlee before going to work and she really appreciates that,” said Ryan. “Even though running isn’t Ryan’s preferred form of fitness, he is willing to put a smile on his face, lace up his running shoes and pound the pavement or trails with his wifey!” said Carlee. “I am one lucky lady!” Carlee also says Ryan is her biggest cheerleader and will encourage her to chase whatever goals her mind can dream up. Ryan can say the same and even adds that Carlee helps me make plans to put my goals into action. Besides running and surfing, these two love to travel together in their “adventure-mobile.” One of their favorite trips was traveling to Costa Rica and zip lining through the rainforest. As a couple, Carlee and Ryan motivate each other to try out new ways to get active and in turn, help inspire and support each other.


All friendships, relationships and bonds you have with someone should be celebrated and cherished, not just on Valentine’s Day, but on all days. Appreciate and love those who motivate you to beat yesterday on every level!