Open Water Swim Training

Please enjoy the guest blog written by Ryan Ross. Ryan Ross is a USA Triathlon Level 2 and Ironman Certified Triathlon Coach. He is the owner of Coast To Coast Triathlon located in Olathe, KS. Ryan spends his days helping triathlete of all ages and abilities reach for their greatest aspirations. You can learn more about Ryan at

Swim Start

You can do this.

Open water swimming for a new triathlete can be a daunting task. But I will remind you – every weekend across the world newer triathletes are making the plunge. I know that most would describe their first few triathlon swims as pretty overwhelming. But I can tell you this – they loved their triathlon experience and will be back for more!

If you want significantly raise the chances that your journey to success in open water comes as quickly as possible –follow these suggestions.

Before Race Day

Race Morning

And The Gun Goes Off!

What should I do if I get in trouble in the water?

  1. Swim to a kayak and hold on while you gather yourself. Do not hesitate to do this!
  2. Float on your back. Take some time to breathe deep. Remember – if your wetsuit is on, you can’t sink!
  3. You can consider switching to a breast stroke style of stroke.

You will notice there are more ‘tasks’ to concern yourself with prior to race day than there is once that gun goes off. This is because it is your preparation that will make you successful on race day! Make race day a culmination of your preparation, and it will go great!

You can do this!