The League of Garmin: Apply Today

Calling all Garmin fans! We’re excited to announce The League of Garmin, our exclusive “street team,” go-getters who are active in their communities and live to beat yesterday. Interested in joining The League? Read on.

Who You Are:
You love Garmin, and you’re not afraid show it, tweet it or post a picture proclaiming it! You live to #beatyesterday and you inspire everyone around you to do the same. Or maybe you love your local fitness community, and you want to bring them into the Garmin family.

What You’ll Do:
Share your latest adventures, workouts or that PR you’ve been fighting for, and show everyone how Garmin helps you #BeatYesterday every day. Be sure to always include #LeagueOfGarmin as well!

What You’ll Get:
• Access to exclusive perks and giveaways
• Opportunities to connect with other Garmin Crew members
• Exclusive insight regarding swag giveaways, races and events, Garmin Crew challenges and more

Depending on your location, we might need your help with — or your participation in — special Garmin events.

How to Apply:

Head over to our League of Garmin application and apply today.