Connect IQ 3.1 Beta Now Available

Connect IQ 3.1, the latest generation of the Connect IQ platform and our most exciting update to date is available. Connect IQ 3.1 adds several new features and improvements to reduce friction, add tools, and make your apps more connected

New Store

The Connect IQ store is now available for iOS and Android. The app combines the App Store, app management, and Face It into a unified experience, and is the single location for Connect IQ on your phone.

Reducing Friction

Connect IQ 3.1 introduces a new TextArea class that wraps text within an area of the screen and will choose the best font for text display. The layout system has also been modified to accept relative positions and distances, making it easier to make one layout that matches numerous products.

The Connect IQ page stack has been improved to allow for View instances to be pushed on top of native View instances, addressing a long-time issue with the user interface framework.

In Connect IQ 3.1, the Storage module now allows all app types to store 32 KB per entry. In addition, music apps will no longer be capped at 500 MB.

New Tools

Connect IQ 3.1 introduces several tools to make developing your apps easier. Connect IQ 3.1 includes the new Exception Reporting Tool. Developers will now be able to collect anonymized crash log information from users, allowing for improved turnaround in finding and addressing issues.

Our developer forums have been upgraded. The new forums are a modern solution that we hope will be a gathering place for our developer community.

Connect IQ 3.1 introduces a new animation toolkit for importing animations into your apps. Animations can play full screen, can play over a View, or content from a View can be overlaid over an animation.

More Connected

Connect IQ 3.1 expands the capabilities of Connect IQ in wireless communication. Connect IQ device apps now use device Wi-Fi by implementing a SyncDelegate class, bringing higher bandwidth network access to device apps.

Connect IQ 3.1 apps using the Ant Plus can now access ANT+ manufacturer pages of paired devices. This opens up new possibilities when interfacing with paired ANT+ sensors.

Connect IQ 3.1 also adds a new Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) framework for interfacing with BLE devices. This opens up new frontiers for Connect IQ in the Internet of Things space. You will need a Nordic nRF52 development kit to test this feature with the Connect IQ simulator.

Update Your Apps

Today we have also released the Connect IQ 3.0.10 SDK. This SDK adds support for the MARQ as well as an upcoming wearable and Edge device. Get a head start on supporting the latest Garmin devices.

Try it Today

You can download either the Connect IQ 3.0.10 or the Connect IQ 3.1 beta from the SDK download page. There you can also get a preview Connect IQ 3.1 firmware for the Fenix 5+. Get the SDK today.