Talking to Your Airplane With Telligence Voice Control

I’d be willing to bet there are a lot of pilots out there who speak to their airplane as if it’s a family member or loved one. Yes, it’s easy to get intimately attached to something that can provide as much joy as we tend to get from flying. But when we talk to our airplanes we normally don’t get any kind of real response because, of course, it’s an airplane. Well, that can change with our latest feature – Telligence Voice Command – now available for our popular GTN series touchscreen navigators designed to reduce pilot workload and make the flight experience more enjoyable.

We first introduced Telligence in our GMA 350 and GMA 35 audio panel series, which allowed pilots to conveniently configure cockpit communications using simple voice commands. Now, we’ve expanded that same concept to our GTN series introducing a number of new commands that can simplify GTN operation and provide critical information during crucial moments like never before. But first, there are three requirements needed to take advantage of Telligence: a GMA 350 or GMA 35 audio panel, a GTN 650/750 touchscreen navigator with the required Telligence system software, and a push-to-command button on the yoke (not push-to-talk, a different button is required for Telligence Voice Commands).

GTN 750 Telligence

Create a waypoint using Telligence on the GTN 750.

There are hundreds of commands available with Telligence, too many to cover in this blog, so let’s go over just a few examples.

Let’s say your flight plan destination is an airport in Class B airspace that will require several frequency changes upon your approach…

Pilot Voice Command (key PTC): “Tune destination ATIS”

Telligence Action: Your destination’s ATIS frequency will be tuned into the standby position of the GTN comm

Pilot Voice Command (key PTC): “Tune destination approach”

Telligence Action: Your destination’s approach frequency will tune to the standby position of the GTN comm

…So on and so forth.

Telligence also allows the GTN to speak back to you. If you’re flying into a tower-controlled airport, the controller will need to know your position from the airport…

Pilot Voice Command (key PTC): “Say bearing and distance from destination airport”

Telligence Response: “5.5 nautical miles to the northwest of KIXD”

Or you would like a last minute update on winds…

Pilot Voice Command (key PTC): “Say winds”

Telligence Response: “Winds 6 knots at three-zero-four degrees”

GTN 750 Telligence

Get your latest distance and bearing information with Telligence.

Telligence also includes commands that allow pilots to navigate through the GTN pages, control zoom, display charts and much more. For more information on available voice commands, click here or contact us at [email protected]. Telligence is currently available through your local Garmin Authorized Dealer – schedule your installation today!