Stay in Touch with GTN: User-Defined Hold

Pilots who file IFR flight plans know that very rarely does a flight go exactly according to plan. At any moment’s notice, a call can come down from air traffic control – for a number of reasons including weather or traffic – prompting a change, or at least initiating a holding pattern. In the old days, these holding patterns were often times a best-guess location, based on a non-directional beacon (NDB) or VHF omnidirectional range (VOR) fix.

Today, we’re fortunate enough to fly with GPS accuracy and precision in modern day holding patterns. In our GTN 650/750 touchscreen series, we have, taken the guesswork out of flying these holding patterns by incorporating the option to input user-defined holding patterns via the touchscreen display.

Here is an example of how to execute a user-defined hold on the GTN touchscreen series:

  1. Select the ‘Flight Plan’ icon from the main menu
  2. Add/select waypoint in flight plan from the Active Flight Plan.
  3. Select ‘Hold at Waypoint’ from the Waypoint Options menu
  4. If required, select the holding course received by ATC using the ‘Course Direction” option
  5. Select right or left turns if applicable
  6. Select the ‘Leg Type’ depending on time or distance, and set time/distance
  7. If an expected further clearance is received, select the ‘Expect Further Clearance’ icon and set the time
  8. Select ‘Load Hold’ to activate

Please note that this is only a demonstration and not all user-defined holds are executed exactly the same. The user-defined hold feature is only applicable to GTN touchscreen series software V6.11.