Simple, Low-Cost ADS-B In and Out Solution

Mobile devices running pilot apps such as Garmin Pilot or ForeFlight, and portable navigators like aera 660 or aera 795/796 are becoming more commonplace in general aviation cockpits today. So too are portable ADS-B receivers like our GDL 39 and GDL 39 3D with added attitude and synthetic vision information. The ADS-B network has been up and running now for several years, and despite the fact the FAA’s mandate for ADS-B “Out” is still a few years away, many pilots are already taking advantage of ADS-B “In” and its convenient subscription-free weather and traffic data. Fortunately, we have a simple, low-cost path to satisfy the basic ADS-B “Out” government requirements while still enjoying the benefits of added traffic and weather awareness.


GDL 39 3D Portable ADS-B Receiver

For those pilots who already utilize our GDL 39 series ADS-B receiver, the ADS-B “In” half of this solution is already satisfied. To satisfy the ADS-B “Out” half for NextGen airspace, our GTX 335 ADS-B Transponder with the optional built-in WAAS GPS is an ideal choice. It features 1090 MHz output allowing operation at any altitude and airspaces around the world, while also including Mode S Extended Squitter functionality. With a common 1.65-inch tall form factor, the GTX 335 makes replacing your existing transponder even easier as a simple one-box, one-swap solution.

GTX 335

GTX 335 ADS-B Out Transponder

With the GTX 335 (GPS version) satisfying ADS-B “Out,” and a GDL 39 or GDL 39 3D delivering ADS-B weather and traffic data to a mobile device powering Garmin Pilot/ForeFlight as well as aera 660, aera 795/796 portable navigators, the solution is complete. To learn more about this solution or any other Garmin ADS-B solutions, visit our website or contact our ADS-B HelpLine at 1-844-GET-ADSB or [email protected].