Garmin GI 275

One GI 275 Is Good; Two Are Better

There are several reasons to upgrade a traditional six pack with our GI 275 electronic flight instruments. It’s a modern, reliable and lightweight solution that lets you ditch the older, maintenance-prone, vacuum-style instruments. After the success of our G5 electronic flight instrument, we developed the GI 275 — building on what a small, cost-effective digital instrument could do. It boasts a bright touchscreen display, a wide range of instrument formats and functions, and even more features, capabilities and benefits.

And while upgrading an aircraft with a single GI 275 is beneficial — whether it be an attitude indicator, HSI, MFD or EIS version — upgrading with two GI 275 electronic flight instruments is even better. Take the attitude indicator and HSI, for example. There are a few ways these instruments can not only work together but also provide safety-enhancing features and cost efficiencies for aircraft owners and pilots alike.

More safety-enhancing situational awareness

We added even more safety-enhancing features to the GI 275, with the goal of bringing more situational awareness to the cockpit. An optional synthetic vision enablement overlays a rich, 3-D topographic view of terrain, traffic, obstacles and more, all within the GI 275 attitude display.

The HSI version of the GI 275 continues this theme with the popular HSI map. This feature creates an MFD-like map within the HSI that can incorporate weather data, SafeTaxi® diagrams, traffic, terrain and more.

Precise autopilot control and nav guidance — even with third-party autopilots

Another advantage the GI 275 attitude indicator has over our G5 electronic flight instrument is support for a broader list of third-party autopilots1, in addition to our GFC™ 500 autopilot. (For a complete list of third-party autopilots compatible with GI 275, click here.) The GI 275 can provide precise attitude information, plus flight director command bar cues, reference markers and much more on the bright display.

Reduce installation costs and keep your panel’s classic look

With a GI 275 attitude indicator and a GI 275 HSI combination, you get many of the same benefits larger format flight displays offer, but with a less intrusive installation. GI 275 can flush mount in a standard 3-1/8” round cutout, meaning no major panel modifications required. That translates to faster installs and lower overall installation costs, all while keeping the same classic look of your panel.

Digital redundancy

You can count on the reliability of the GI 275, but primary instruments often require backups. With the installation of a GI 275 attitude indicator and GI 275 HSI, you get the benefit of auto-reversionary mode2. This mode kicks in and displays attitude and heading data on the remaining HSI or MFD if an outage should occur. If that doesn’t provide enough peace of mind, then consider the GI 275 attitude indicator’s backup battery — it provides up to 60 minutes of power to get you home.

For more information about our GI 275 electronic flight instrument, contact your local Garmin authorized dealer or visit

1Requires GI 275 with built-in autopilot interface

2Both GI 275 units must be ADAHRS versions to support reversionary capability