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New Dual GI 275 Bundles

Available through August 13, 2021

Dual GI 275 Kit Bundle

Garmin is pleased to introduce two new dual GI 275 kits that provide a full range of functionality at a great price. There has never been a better time to replace your traditional six-pack and upgrade older vacuum-style instruments with the with the redundancy of auto-reversionary mode. These dual GI 275 kits provide airspeed, altitude, attitude, heading information, outside air temperature, MFD capabilities, CDI or HSI, and optional autopilot control, along with an up to 60-minute backup battery.

Bundle List Price
GI 275 AI and GI 275 HSI $7,995.00
GI 275 AI and GI 275 HSI + Autopilot interface $8,495.00

Garmin is also offering our synthetic vision technology (SVT™) enablement for GI 275 at a promotional price of $500 through August 13, 2021. Our SVT enablement overlays a rich, 3D topographic view of terrain, traffic, obstacles, airport sign posts and more, all within the GI 275 attitude display.

Please contact your local Garmin Authorized Dealer for more detail.

Garmin reserves the right to rescind or change this offer. This offer is only available through participating Garmin Authorized Dealers and may not be combined with any other offer directly from Garmin.