New Connext Services Feature Cost-Effective Datalink Weather, Text & Voice

We’re excited to offer expanded Connext weather and data service packages that provide new, cost-effective pricing tiers with all-inclusive rate plans. These new packages, which are based on aircraft utilization, are designed to suit pilots’ flying needs for global weather and connectivity. Two new rate plans are available, each combining continuous weather updates, voice calling and unlimited text messaging. Aircraft equipped with the GSR 56 satellite datalink transceiver and compatible avionics can take advantage of these new rate plans starting as low as $79.99 per month. Additionally, promotional pricing for the GSR 56 is also extended to aircraft owners who have a GTN 650/750, offering significant savings for a limited time.

New affordable subscriptions

For both new and existing customers, cost-effective rate plans are available for the GSR 56 satellite datalink transceiver and are applicable to a wide range of operators around the world. Voice calling and unlimited text messaging accompany worldwide weather data in two packages, which are tailored to how frequent customers fly. Recreational flyers and corporate operators with a GSR 56 can take advantage of new all-inclusive plans below:

Each plan is tailored to the number of hours that pilots typically operate throughout the year. For example, Connext Weather 150 is designed for those who operate 150 hours per year or less and provides worldwide weather updates at 10-minute intervals. This package also includes 30 minutes of voice per month and unlimited text messaging. Connext Weather 400 offers customers averaging 400 flight hours per year access to worldwide weather at five-minute request intervals, the maximum available. Connext Weather 400 also adds unlimited voice usage and unlimited text messaging. Operators are protected from extraneous overage fees as Garmin will monitor customer usage to ensure they are enrolled in the most appropriate plan. For those who may require additional weather, text and voice needs, contact us for additional plan information.

Promotional GSR 56 pricing

Customers who own or install a GTN 750 or GTN 650 can take advantage of a new promotion that offers significant savings when a new GSR 56 is purchased with a new Connext data subscription. Now through December 31, 2016, customers who purchase any one of the data plans listed above can purchase a new GSR 56 with a Flight Stream 510 for $9,995, offering a savings of over $1,800.

Promotional credit for existing GSR 56 owners with a new subscription

Owners of aircraft with an existing GSR 56 that has not had an active subscription for the last 6 months, can receive a three-month account credit upon completion of a 12-month subscription contract when taking advantage of these new data plans. Customers must subscribe on or before December 31st, 2016 to be eligible for the Promotional Credit.

Even better with Flight Stream 510

With a GTN 650/750 touchscreen navigator and the newly announced Flight Stream 510, customers receive additional connectivity benefits. Flight Stream 510 is a small, patented Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled MultiMediaCard that enables communication between the GTN 650/750 and two compatible Apple or Android mobile devices operating Garmin Pilot. With Flight Stream 510, customers can pair an Apple mobile device operating Garmin Pilot to the GTN to access text and voice services enabled by a GSR 56 datalink. While in-flight and on the ground, pilots can quickly send and receive text messages with a mobile device using a familiar conversation format and conveniently utilize the phone’s existing contact database. Similarly, customers can initiate phone calls on an Apple mobile device within Garmin Pilot, so it’s easier to complete phone calls over a headset while in flight. Enhancing its wireless capabilities, built-in Wi-Fi connectivity is specifically for Database Concierge wireless database transfer and Bluetooth allows for a wide variety of additional capabilities, including flight plan transfer to/from the GTN 650/750.

The new Connext service plans for the GSR 56 datalink transceiver are expected to be available in August. To subscribe to any one of these plans, visit our website. For additional information, contact us at +1-866-739-5687 or [email protected].