G3X Touch Engine Monitoring Capabilities Enhanced

Our G3X Touch flight display for experimental amateur-built aircraft recently received an upgrade expanding its already versatile characteristics with improved engine monitoring capabilities. While the majority of G3X Touch systems are commonly found in aircraft with a single four or six-cylinder engine application – such as Continental, Lycoming or Rotax – our latest enhancement is tailored to a more niche homebuilder. This builder requires a digital engine monitoring system for either a twin-engine experimental aircraft, or a single-engine experimental aircraft with 7-12 cylinders.


G3X Touch with twin-engine monitoring strip on the left.

Compared to the robust experimental single-engine aircraft market, the experimental multi-engine market is significantly smaller. However, opportunities still exist for a G3X Touch application with multi-engine monitoring support. Take for instance the AirCam adventure plane or Twin Velocity – two examples of twin-engine pusher aircraft offered in kit form. The new multi-engine monitoring enhancement for G3X Touch will support two engines with up to six cylinders each.

9-cylinder single-engine monitoring strip.

9-cylinder engine strip.

Also, G3X Touch can now monitor engine information on experimental aircraft containing a large single engine with up to twelve cylinders – including radials. Today, we’re seeing many builders put automotive engines in their aircraft, some of which may include eight cylinders. Or, if a builder with a penchant for nostalgia is looking to install a radial such as the venerable Continental 220 or Pratt & Whitney R-985 with seven and nine cylinders respectively, the G3X Touch now provides an avenue for digital engine monitoring on those experimental applications.

To learn more about the G3X Touch flight display for experimental amateur-built and light-sport aircraft, click here. For more information about G3X Touch multi-engine and large single-engine monitoring capabilities, contact our G3X support team at [email protected] or 1-866-854-8433 (Mon-Fri, 7am-7pm Central Time).