FAA ADS-B Rebate Deadline Approaches

Mark your calendar…September 18, 2017. This is the deadline for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) General Aviation ADS-B Rebate Program. This is the last day owners of U.S.-registered, fixed-wing, single-engine piston aircraft have an opportunity to take advantage of a $500 ADS-B rebate, easing the cost burden of complying with the FAA’s NextGen airspace requirements. Time is running out.

That September 18, 2017 date marks the end of the reservation period for rebates (that day or until the 20,000 total available rebates have been reserved, whichever comes first). As of August 21, 2017, there were over 10,000 rebates available, which means plenty of savings opportunities still remain. After a rebate reservation is made, a 90-day window grants owners additional time to install the equipment, then an additional 60-days is available to validate proper functionality of the equipment before the rebate can be rewarded.

GTX 345 All-In-One ADS-B Transponder.

The FAA’s NextGen airspace initiative only requires ADS-B “Out” compliant equipment at a minimum to be installed in your aircraft. We have solutions that can simply provide “Out” compliance, or more. Our GTX 335 with WAAS GPS is a great “Out” only replacement transponder solution – and it’s available at a special promotion price of $2,995 through December 29, 2017. If you prefer a replacement transponder featuring ADS-B “In” traffic and weather data as well, our GTX 345 is a better option. If it’s not a replacement transponder that you need, but simply ADS-B functionality, our GDL 84 and GDL 88 universal access transceivers offer a convenient solution. These remote datalinks are compatible with most third-party transponders via our patented AutoSquawk technology and provide a simple option for ADS-B “Out” compliance. Plus, they provide a path for additional ADS-B “In” data to display on select avionics or mobile devices through our Flight Stream 110 or 210 Connext gateways. Additionally, our latest, lowest-cost ADS-B “Out” product – GDL 82 – will provide owners a small, lightweight and easy-to-install solution (available November 2017).

For more information on our extensive line of ADS-B products, or for assistance deciding which option is right for you, contact our ADS-B experts at 1-844-GET-ADSB or [email protected]. For complete details on the FAA ADS-B Rebate Program, click here. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for all of our latest product announcements, news and stories.