inReach: Tracking Your Loved Ones In-Flight

As pilots, we sometimes get caught up in our post-flight tasks – securing the aircraft, making a fuel order or even engaging in conversation with a local pilot – that we forget the age old practice of informing our loved ones when we’ve safely arrived at our destination. Little else can put more stress on friends and family than the uncertainty of knowing whether or not we’ve safely landed. With the inReach series of two-way satellite communicators, you can keep a constant line of communication with the pilot in your life, while also keeping a watchful eye on their journey.

DeLorme inReach Explorer.

inReach Explorer.

The inReach provides the capability to track progress both on the ground and in the air. By simply sending a notification via email or text message, family and friends can keep an eye on a pilot’s trip progress while keeping peace of mind that they’re still on track. Tracking intervals can be varied from minutes to hours to best suit your trip’s duration, sharing location, GPS coordinates, course elevation and speed. Plus, with an internal, rechargeable lithium battery that lasts approximately 100 hours at continuous operation, it can endure even the lengthiest aviation adventures.

DeLorme tracking map.

inReach tracking map.

inReach comes in handy particularly for those destinations that are outside of cellular phone range – where our iridium global satellite connectivity never misses a beat. Aviators can keep their followers up-to-date with the ability to send and receive up to 160 character text messages to email addresses and cell numbers worldwide – even while they’re in the air. And pre-set messages can be created to send simple updates to friends and family in a timely manner.

These features plus more are offered via a variety of subscription plans tailored to suit seasonal aviators or pilots who fly year-round. Don’t let your loved ones endure stressful uncertainties without a reliable source of communication – take advantage of the global blanket provided by inReach. For more information about the inReach series of products, visit our website. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest product announcements, news and stories – plus be sure to share your aviation adventures with us using #flyGarmin.