Communicating From The Cockpit

In our connected world today, there are few situations that leave us completely disconnected from our loved ones. Air travel is one of those occasions, whether it’s a commercial airliner or general aviation aircraft, it’s not typically easy to get in touch when we need to. Fortunately, with the newest addition to our outdoor family – the inReach Exporer+, inReach SE+ and GSR 56 satellite datalink, there are more ways than ever to connect with loved ones in the air or off-the-grid.

inReach SE+ and inReach Explorer+

Our latest inReach products offer a great portable solution for communicating in the cockpit, at a rural airport or in the backcountry. With a number of available subscription packages to fit different needs, inReach provides 100% global Iridium satellite coverage enabling GPS location services, tracking and 2-way messaging capabilities from anywhere in the world. And in case of emergency, an integrated SOS button will trigger a distress signal to the GEOS emergency monitoring center that notify the most appropriate response team for your unique situation.

Plus with the latest Garmin Pilot software, version 8.6 for iOS, inReach products can be connected to the cockpit environment. When paired via Bluetooth, Garmin Pilot can utilize the inReach’s GPS position source, and text messages can be sent and received directly from the pilot app.

GSR 56 satellite datalink.

But if you prefer a fixed communication solution for your aircraft, don’t forget about our GSR 56 satellite datalink. When installed, GSR 56 provides not only global weather services, METARs, TAFs and more to your avionics, it also provides 2-way text and voice communication when paired with a GTN 750/650 series touchscreen navigator or select integrated flight decks. Additionally, when connected to compatible mobile devices via a Flight Stream 510, voice calls and text messaging can be controlled through Garmin Pilot. Like the inReach products, GSR 56 requires a subscription.

For more information on all of our latest cockpit connectivity solutions, visit our website or contact us at [email protected].