A New Mission for G3000

It’s versatile, capable, and flexible. With bright high-resolution displays, synthetic vision capability, and intuitive touchscreen interfaces, G3000 is a popular choice among pilots. And now, thanks to that versatility, capability, and flexibility, G3000 can be found fulfilling a new role within aviation—as an avionics platform for advanced tactical and trainer aircraft.

Garmin G3000 tandem configuration.

Adopted by the Textron Aviation Defense Scorpion Jet and Diamond Aircraft Industries DART-550, G3000 is a unique solution for aircraft designed to perform a range of roles. From training, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance to close air support, armed reconnaissance and more, this integrated flight deck fits the multi-role mold. However, this G3000 is a distinctive take on the advanced flight deck. It’s tandem cockpit configuration consolidates flight instruments within the pilot’s primary field of view and can interface with mission systems in order to provide a seamless experience. It features a single 14-inch high resolution display accompanied by two landscape touchscreen controllers. Plus, G3000’s ability to integrate supporting mission systems and equipment help streamline pilot operations and reduce workload within the cockpit.

This unique and adaptable application is one of many Garmin solutions for a range of diverse aircraft. To learn more about our many scalable, commercial-off-the-shelf products, visit garmin.com/aviation.

Textron Aviation Defense Scorpion Jet featuring tandem G3000.

Diamond DART-550 featuring tandem G3000.

Tactical Air Support, Inc. F-5 supersonic aircraft. Garmin G3000 upgrade program announced July, 2018.