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Aviation Alerts and Advisories

Service Bulletin 2149: Automatic Power Off Setting

PRODUCTS AFFECTED: All Garmin G5 Electronic Flight Instruments installed with a battery are affected. COMPLIANCE: Recommended PURPOSE: To improve experience upon loss of aircraft power in-flight. DESCRIPTION: This service bulletin contains instructions to ensure the G5 will remain energized (with no user interaction) upon loss of aircraft power in-flight. Service Bulletin 2149 Rev A

Service Bulletin 2151: G5 Ver. 2 Battery Pack

PRODUCTS AFFECTED: Garmin G5 Electronic Flight Instruments (011-03809-00) using a G5 Ver. 2 Battery Pack (011-03893-01) are affected. NOTE G5 Electronic Flight Instruments (011-03809-00) with MOD 1 are not affected. DESCRIPTION: This service bulletin contains instructions to make sure the G5 Ver. 2 Battery Pack (011-03893-01) can energize the G5 (011-03809-00) without additional power inputs. … Continued

Service Advisory 2111 Rev C: 3rd Party Wireless SD Cards

REVISION C: Updated Issue and Action PRODUCTS AFFECTED: All Garmin aviation products are affected. ISSUE: Operating the aircraft while using an unapproved wireless transceiver device inserted into the SD card slot of your Garmin navigator may induce a malfunction, may cause damage to the unit, and may negatively affect the airworthiness approval of the installation. … Continued

Service Bulletin 2069 Rev A: Kavlico Pressure Sensor Inspections for G3X/G3X Touch Equipped Experimental Aircraft

PRODUCTS AFFECTED: G3X/G3X Touch systems installed in experimental aircraft with Kavlico pressure sensor part numbers P4055-15G-E4A, P4055-50G-E4A, or P4055-150G-E4A are affected. CERTIFICATION AUTHORIZATION: Experimental/LSA COMPLIANCE: Mandatory: Compliance with this service bulletin is mandatory within 30 calendar days of the published date of this bulletin, or at the next scheduled service interval; whichever occurs first. After … Continued

GDL 84/88 System Software Version 3.42 and WAAS Software Version 5.3

PRODUCTS AFFECTED: GDL 84/88 units listed in the table below are affected. Appliance P/N Model 011-02369-00 GDL 88 011-02370-00 GDL 88 w/WAAS 011-02371-00 GDL 88D 011-02372-00 GDL 88D w/WAAS 011-02369-10 GDL 88H 011-02370-10 GDL 88H w/WAAS 011-02371-10 GDL 88DH 011-02372-10 GDL 88DH w/WAAS 011-03727-00 GDL 84 w/WAAS 011-03728-00 GDL 84H w/WAAS   CERTIFICATION AUTHORIZATION: TSO … Continued

Service Advisory 2053: FAA Data Comm Operation

PRODUCTS AFFECTED: G1000, G2000, G3000, and G5000 systems with either Garmin’s FAA Data Comm option or FANS 1/A+ option operating in the United States are affected. ISSUE: To use the FAA’s Data Comm system the operator must define the equipment’s capability in the flight plan. In addition to the equipment codes which must be entered … Continued

Part 27 AML STC SR02120SE GTN 6XX/7XX Software v6.70 and GTN Xi Approval

PRODUCTS AFFECTED: GTN 6XX/7XX systems installed using Approved Model List (AML) Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) SR02120SE are affected. CERTIFICATION AUTHORIZATION: AML STC SR02120SE COMPLIANCE: Optional: This STC Service Bulletin may be incorporated at the owner’s discretion and is not warranty reimbursable. PURPOSE: STC SR02120SE, Master Drawing List revision 4 includes: Installation of GTN Xi hardware … Continued

G3X Touch EFIS Software Version 8.60

PRODUCTS AFFECTED: G3X Touch systems installed using Approved Model List (AML) Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) SA01899WI are affected. CERTIFICATION AUTHORIZATION: STC SA01899WI COMPLIANCE: Recommended: This service bulletin is recommended for certified G3X systems interfaced to a GFC 500 installed per Part 23 AML STC SA01866WI. For all other installations this STC Service Bulletin is optional … Continued