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Consumer Product Recycling Program

Here’s how to recycle your Garmin products that have reached the end of their lives. You can also check your local recycling center for more options. We are currently not accepting Garmin manufactured trolling motors, satellite compasses and domes, marine radars, Tacx® indoor cycling, certified aviation products or bare batteries.

1 Restore Factory Settings

Restore Factory Settings

To avoid the possible disclosure of personal data, Garmin requires that customers perform factory resets of their devices before sending in for recycling under this program. You can find instructions in your owner’s manual.

Find Your Owner’s Manual
2 Ship to Garmin

Ship to Garmin

Place your product in a box, and ship to Garmin via the carrier of your choice, following any shipping guidelines your carrier may have. Garmin is not responsible for shipping expenses.
Ship to:

Garmin Product Recycling Program
1100 E. 151st St.
Dock Door #99
Olathe, KS 66062 United States

Thank you for recycling your Garmin device. Learn more about our sustainability initiatives.

Please contact product support if you need your device serviced. Any product sent to this address will be recycled.