Your Privacy Matters to Garmin

Our goal is to make sure you know how we collect, use, share, and store your personal data when you use the Garmin Sports app.

What data does Garmin collect?

Garmin Sports was created to help you pursue your personal goals by providing fitness instruction and training courses tailored just for you. We ask for your personal data — such as your name, email address, location, and other information — so you can sign in to your account, receive personalized support, receive important safety information about your devices, and get the most out of our products.

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When You Make a Garmin Account

Garmin stores information such as your name, email address, and password so you can sign in. It also helps us verify your account if you call customer support.

When You Create a Garmin Sports App Profile

We also keep track of your username so you can customize your posts and interact with the Garmin Sports community. You can choose to add additional information, such as your home city or a photo. Garmin will associate this information with your profile if you provide it, but this information is not mandatory.

When You Participate in Activities

When you choose to participate in competitions and training activities, we track your performance to provide you with comprehensive data so you can analyze and improve your performance.

When You Contact Garmin

We know you might want to stay off the grid, but we may collect things such as your contact, device, or subscription information during support calls to ensure that you get the help you need.

Why does Garmin ask for your personal data?

From providing product support to offering motivation to reach your goals, the information we ask for is used to improve your Garmin Sports app experience.

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To Give You Personalized Stats

We use personal data, such as height, weight, gender, and age, to provide you more accurate stats, such as how many calories you burn during an activity.

To Help You Track Your Training Activities and Competitions

If you choose to upload data from your Garmin device to a Garmin app, we collect recorded data from those activities so you can analyze it and track your progress toward your goals. If you want to, you can even share your activity data with others. Plus, you can withdraw your consent and delete activities at any time.

To Keep You Informed

When we have something important to tell you about your products, apps, subscriptions, or account — such as vital safety information, app updates, new products or deals, and updates to our privacy policy — we use collected contact information to reach you.

To Improve Our Sites and Apps

When you visit our sites or use our apps, we collect information — such as your IP address, location, times that you visit, and more — to let us know how people navigate our sites and apps and how we can improve them.

To Give You Information You Might Actually Find Interesting

We use things such as cookies, pixel tags, and similar tools to help us provide better, more relevant content on our sites. So, if you and everyone else are coming to our websites for awesome devices, we’ll know to keep making them.

We also use these tools to see how effective our ads are and to identify any problems that we need to fix. All in all, we just want to give you websites that are worth browsing.

Does Garmin sell your personal data?

No! We don’t sell your personal data to anyone. And we only share your personal data with others in specific situations.

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Data Shared Within Garmin

Garmin is global, which means your personal data may be stored locally or in another country or transferred between Garmin companies. No matter where your information is within Garmin, it is still secured under this privacy policy.

Data Shared with Service Providers

We share data with third parties who provide services — such as analytics and hosting services and sending emails to customers — for us.

Data Shared for Legal Reasons

Garmin will share your personal data when required to by law enforcement and in other legal matters.

How can you share your personal data?

Your activity data belongs to you, and you control what you share and with whom you share it.

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Activity Data

Your activity data is set to private by default. If you want others to see your daily runs and cheer you on, you can adjust your privacy settings to allow that.

Training Activities and Competitions

When you join a leaderboard, competition, or training activity (e.g., training camp, course, or plan), other participants will be able to see your activity data and any comments you submit to the competitions or training activity.

How can you request to view, update, delete, or transfer your personal data?

Visit our Account Management Center to make your request, or check out the full privacy policy to learn more about your rights.