Your Privacy Matters to Garmin

Our goal is to make sure you know how we collect, use, share, and store your personal data when you use our Garmin Pay service — including your Garmin Pay wallet on a Garmin device or third-party device.

What data does Garmin collect and why?

The Garmin Pay service was created to let you pay on the go without your wallet or a phone. To make sure you can use the service, we need some personal information — such as your name, address, and credit card information.

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When You Set up Your Wallet

To make sure we can protect the security of your Garmin Pay wallet and help protect you from fraud, we need information — such as your name and an authentication token — to help authenticate your account.

If you use Garmin Pay on a third-party device, we would also need a username, email address, and device information so we know that you’re accessing your wallet from an approved device. We may also use the email address to contact you with important information.

When You Add Payment Methods

When you add a payment method to your Garmin Pay wallet, we collect personal information that will help us meet your bank’s or payment network’s security requirements and to help protect your accounts. That means we would need information such as your name, billing address, and payment information.

When You View or Alter Your Payment Methods

When you view a payment method in your Garmin Pay wallet, we’ll show you stored card information, because you asked to see it.

If you decide to suspend a payment method, we keep the stored card information, but we’ll also contact your bank or payment network and have them block it from making purchases. That way you can restart it at a later date, if you want.

When you remove a payment method, we completely delete the information and contact your bank or payment network so they will block it from making purchases. You can always add the payment method again later.

When You Buy Things

If you use your Garmin Pay wallet to make a purchase, your credit card information is securely passed from your device to a point-of-sale system. That system processes your payment with your bank or credit card network, similar to if you’d swiped your actual card. Your bank may then let us know the payment was successful, so we can send a notification to your device, and you can be confident your purchase was successfully completed.

Does Garmin sell your personal data?

No! We don’t sell your personal data to anyone. And we only share your personal data with others in specific situations.

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Data Shared with Your Bank and Payment Networks

In order to provide a payment service, Garmin does have to share information with your bank and payment networks. That way, we can work together to detect fraud and complete purchases.

Data Shared Within Garmin

Garmin is global, which means your personal data may be stored locally or in another country or transferred between Garmin companies. No matter where your information is within Garmin, it is still secured under this privacy policy.

Data Shared with Service Providers

We share personal data with third parties who provide services — such as server hosting and customer support ticketing services — for us.

Data Shared for Legal Reasons

Garmin will share your personal data when required to by law enforcement and in other legal matters.

How can I request to view, update, delete, or transfer my data?

Check out the privacy policy to learn more about your rights and options regarding your data.