Your Privacy Matters to Garmin

Our goal is to make sure you know how we collect, use, share, and store your personal data when you use the Garmin Connect website and mobile app, and compatible Garmin devices.

What does Garmin collect?

Garmin Connect was created to help you track your fitness and wellness and pursue your personal goals. We ask you for personal data — such as height, weight, and sleep times — to help you reach those goals and provide you with personalized insights and stats.

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Account Information

We collect your name and email address when you create a Garmin account to make sure your Garmin Connect account is completely personalized. We also store information such as your sleep and wake times so we don’t send you “get moving” notifications while you’re sleeping. You probably want us to remember that.

Device Information

When you add a Garmin device to your Garmin Connect account, we ask for information such as your height, weight, gender, and birthdate so we can personalize your stats and goals. We also need to hang on to your recorded activities and heart rate so you can tell when you beat that PR or lower your fitness age.

Device Sync Data

When you sync your device, we collect data such as your IP address, sync time and date, and battery level to help identify and resolve errors or syncing issues and to provide better customer support. We also collect usage and trend data to help us improve our features and apps.

Contact Information

We know you want to stay off the grid, but we may collect things such as your name, email address, and phone number during support calls to ensure you get the help you need. If someone sends you a LiveTrack invitation or you’re added as an emergency contact, Garmin stores the contact information required to fulfill those services.

Location-based Services

Services such as GPS tracking during a run or weather updates on your device require that Garmin collect your location at that time. Your GPS data during activities does get uploaded to Garmin Connect or Garmin Sports, but you have control over who sees it from there.

Cookies and Analytics

We use cookies and other technologies on our websites and in our apps to help us improve customer experiences.

Do you have to upload activity information to Garmin?

Nope. You can use your device for all your activities without uploading activity data from your device to Garmin. However, you won’t be able to use some Garmin Connect features such as Leaderboards, Connections, Challenges, and Insights.

Why does Garmin ask for your personal data?

From providing product support to offering motivation to reach your goals, the information we ask for is used to improve your Garmin Connect and Garmin Sports experiences.

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To Give You Personalized Stats and Insights

We use personal data, such as height, weight, gender, and age, to provide you more accurate stats, such as how many calories you burn during an activity, and insights, such as how you compare to similar users.

To Help You Track Your Activities, Competitions, and Goals

If you choose to upload data from your Garmin device to Garmin Connect, we collect recorded data from those activities so you can analyze it and track your progress toward your goals. If you want to, you can even share your activity data with others. Plus, you can withdraw your consent and delete activities at any time.

If you’re opted-in to product improvement, we internally process activity data to help us improve on our products and services. Again, you can withdraw your consent at any time.

To Contact You

We use your contact information to send you notification and to inform you about new products, apps, and features. You can opt in or out of either service at any time.

Does Garmin sell your personal data?

No! We don’t sell your personal data to anyone. And we only share your personal data with others in specific situations.

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Data Shared Within Garmin

Garmin is global, which means your personal data may be stored locally or in another country or transferred between Garmin companies. No matter where your information is within Garmin, it is still secured under this privacy policy.

Data Shared with Service Providers

We share data with third parties who provide services — such as analytics and hosting services and sending emails to customers — for us.

With Others

Garmin will share your personal data when you ask us to or when required to by law enforcement and in other legal matters.

How can you share your personal data?

Your activity data belongs to you, and you control what you share and with whom you share it.

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Activity Data

Your activity data is set to private by default. If you want others to see your daily runs and cheer you on, you can adjust your privacy settings to allow that.

Competitions and Challenges

When you join a Leaderboard or Challenge, other participants will be able to see your activity data and any comments you submit to the Leaderboard or Challenge. This includes anyone who is part of your Garmin Jr. family account — even if they aren’t part of that Challenge and your account is set to private.

When you participate in Garmin Sports competitions, the people you’re competing with will be able to see activity data for that competition.


When you join groups or make Connections, depending on your privacy settings, some or all of your profile and activity data may be visible to those groups or Connections.

Third-party Apps

We will not share your activity data with third parties unless you tell us to. For example, you can instruct Garmin Connect to share your activity data with a third-party wellness program provider or apps such as MyFitnessPal and Strava.


You can share a link to your device’s real-time location with your friends and family so they can follow along as you run.

How can I request to view, update, delete, or transfer my data?

Visit our Account Management Center to make your request. Learn more about your rights in the Garmin Connect privacy policy.