Garmin® introduces the Approach® CT10 club sensors for automated golf game tracking

OLATHE, Kan. /July 17, 2018 – Garmin today announced the Approach CT10 club tracking sensors for a fully automated game tracking system. The sensors pair with compatible Garmin golf watches¹ to automatically track every stroke, including locations, distances and club type.

“The inclusion of the Approach CT10 sensors to our golf lineup allows for full game tracking for every stroke and additional statistics for more competitive golfers looking to improve their game,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin vice president of global consumer sales. “Our club tracking system combined with our revamped Garmin Golf app brings detailed information on individual club swings, so avid golfers can focus on their game, knowing the sensors are tracking every shot.

Stats for every swing

The Approach CT10 club tracking sensors allow for golfers to track their game and see their improvement, both in real-time on their watch and post-round review and analysis on the Garmin Golf app. Players will also benefit from seeing how far the club is typically hit and viewing stats for accuracy to the fairway or green. These lightweight and easy-to-install sensors are unobtrusive to a user’s golf swing. After they are secured to the end of each club grip, simply pair with a compatible Garmin golf wearable, for full-game tracking and guidance on the course. When paired, the wearable will tell the player how far they’ve typically hit with that club. Based on movement and impact the Approach CT10 sensors will know which club is being used for each shot.

Players can choose between a starter pack that includes three sensors and rely on the AutoShot² feature on their compatible Garmin golf watch to track the other shots. Or, players can go all in and choose the full set for full game tracking with sensors on all 14 clubs in the bag.  The sensors have a battery life of up to four years and each set includes user-replaceable batteries.

With the updated, free Garmin Golf app, users will be able to easily upload their scorecard and analyze statistics such as strokes gained. The strokes gained analysis will allow players to see how many strokes they gain or lose relative to a baseline, allowing comparison against other players, just like professional golfers. With the Approach CT10 or another device with Autoshot capabilities, golfers can see their stats and compare them to their friends. Players can see how they are improving in certain areas such as putting and chipping and the app will give insights on which areas they should practice. The app allows players to compete in weekly leaderboards, or even create their own private tournament and invite fellow golfers to compete. Use the app for data comparison and see how you rank among connections in areas such as drive distance and accuracy. Compatible for both Apple and Android devices, the Garmin Golf app is available now for download.

Available in Q3 2018, the Approach CT10 full set will have a suggested retail price of $299.99 and the starter pack will have a suggested retail price of $79.99. To learn more about the Approach CT10, the Garmin Golf app and the full line of Garmin golf products, visit  

The Approach CT10 is the latest solution from Garmin’s expanding outdoor segment, which focuses on developing technologies and innovations to enhance users’ outdoor experiences. Whether hiking, hunting, trail running, mountain biking, golfing, diving or using satellite communication, Garmin outdoor devices are becoming essential tools for outdoor enthusiasts of all levels.  For more information about Garmin’s other outdoor products and services, visit

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¹See compatibility

²AutoShot on a compatible watch does not track putts and may not track some shots, particularly chip shots around the green, depending upon lie and ball contact.

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