Garmin announces 2021 Pilot Training Classes with virtual learning format

OLATHE, Kan./October 8, 2020 – Garmin® is pleased to announce its pilot training opportunities through June 2021 will be transitioning to an entirely virtual learning format. This new format will allow customers to receive valuable product knowledge without concerns over travel and social distancing. A variety of pilot training opportunities are available ranging from Garmin pilot’s guides, PC trainers, eLearning courses, and monthly customer webinars that provide foundational knowledge about the equipment. Using scenario-based training, new instructor-led virtual courses build on that knowledge to best integrate the capabilities of Garmin avionics into the flight experience with the comfort and safety of this new completely virtual learning environment.

Professional instructor-led virtual training

Experienced instructors focus on scenario-based training through scheduled and on-demand sessions intended for all levels of experience. To see the full calendar of Garmin training events and information on purchasing these classes, please visit

  • GTN Only
    Explore the capabilities that Garmin’s GTN and GTN Xi series of navigators provides in this 1-day virtual training session intended for both novice and experienced aviators using scenario-based training. The cost to attend the virtual GTN training class is $495.
  • GTN and Flight Display
    This 1-day virtual training session includes instruction on the GTN navigators and TXi™ series, G3X Touch™ and the G500/G600 displays. The training focuses on flight planning and instrument procedures for those that are both new to the GTN or just looking for a refresher. The cost for this class is $625.
  • G1000®/G1000 NXi®
    With an emphasis on flight planning, instrument procedures, vertical navigation, and the automatic flight control system, this instructor-led virtual training session explores the vast capabilities of the G1000 Integrated Flight Deck, building on knowledge obtained through G1000 NXi eLearning course. The cost for this virtual course is $700.
  • Aviation Weather Radar
    This optional two-hour weather radar webinar is available for an additional cost with the purchase of a virtual instructor-led course. Successful operation of weather radar requires an understanding of radar principles, as well as operational consideration and techniques. This webinar starts with fundamentals of ground-based and airborne weather radar systems and covers best practices for using the Garmin GWX™ 70, GWX 75 and GWX 80. The virtual session concludes with a scenario-based module on weather threat management to assist with risk mitigation and is tailored to pilots with little weather radar experience, those that want to refresh weather radar skills, or those transitioning from other radar systems.
  • Custom Training Requests
    Garmin understands that some training needs may require special attention. The Aviation Training team can support on-demand training requests based upon instructor availability and training resource considerations on a first-come, first serve basis.

Take full advantage of Garmin avionics features and capabilities with eLearning Courses

Pilots can receive in-depth instruction to better prepare for flights through eLearning courses that guide them through scenarios intended to build understanding and proficiency with Garmin avionics. Using a computer, tablet or smartphone, pilots can access the courseware immediately through the eLearning platform. Garmin eLearning courses come with a two-year subscription and can be purchased at

The following eLearning opportunities are available:

  • Garmin GTN Essentials 2.0: This course provides in-depth instruction on the fundamental operation of the highly capable GTN and GTN Xi touchscreen navigators, as well as helicopter features, for pilots that are new to the GTN or just want a refresher.
  • Garmin TXi Essentials: For pilots that are new to the system, this course will provide instruction on fundamental operation of the touchscreen flight display.
  • Garmin G1000 NXi: Pilots will have four comprehensive courses to choose from that will provide in-depth training on the G1000 NXi depending on the needs of the pilot to enable effective use of situational awareness and decision-making resources the system provides. All four courses will be available by December 2020.
  • Garmin G3000® Essentials: This eLearning course introduces pilots to the operation and user interface of Garmin’s most advanced flight decks.
  • Garmin G5000® Essentials 2.0 and 2.0 PLUS: Introduces pilots to the operation and user interface of Garmin’s most advanced flight decks and latest features. The G5000 Essentials 2.0 PLUS course includes a separate module that describes autothrottle usage.
  • Garmin Aviation Weather Radar 2.0: Diving deeper than the weather radar section in the Pilot’s Guide, this course helps pilots understand the fundamentals of weather radar and take full advantage of Garmin GWX systems.

Attend monthly one-hour webinars

These no-cost one-hour scenario-based webinars are held monthly for the purpose of exploring various avionics setups, flight planning, navigation and other features with our pilot trainers. Webinar options are updated monthly, so please be sure to check back frequently for the latest offerings. To register for Aviation Webinars, please visit

  • Garmin G3X Touch Scenario-based Pilot Training
  • Garmin GPS Navigator Scenario-based Training
  • Garmin GTN & TXi Scenario-based Training
  • Garmin GNS Scenario-based Pilot Training – Part I
  • Garmin GNS Scenario-based Pilot Training – Part II
  • Garmin Accident Mitigation Pilot Training
  • Garmin Presents: Cirrus Perspective + Scenario-based Pilot Training
  • Garmin GTN Mini-scenarios – Pilot Training

Build a solid foundation with self-study opportunities

Detailed pilot’s guides provide extensive information on features, functions, and capabilities related to Garmin avionics that the pilot must know in order to operate the aircraft. Free pilot’s guides are available for download for all retrofit installations including the GTN series, GTN Xi series, G500/G600, G500/G600/G700 TXi, and G3X Touch. For integrated flight decks such as the G1000, G3000 and G5000, the pilot’s guides are available from the aircraft manufacturer.

PC and iPad® Trainers

In order to provide a convenient way to learn the basic operation of a system, Garmin offers a limited number of computer (PC) and iPad trainers that simulate the behavior of an avionics system interface. Current PC trainers can be found at, and the GTN, GTN Xi, and TXi series trainer apps are available for download from the Apple App Store.

For all of your aviation training needs, including making a reservation for one of these training events, please visit

For additional information, please contact [email protected]