Garmin® introduces the revolutionary GFC 600H helicopter flight control system

Garmin International, Inc. a unit of Garmin Ltd. (NASDAQ: GRMN), today
announced the GFC™ 600H flight control system for helicopter owners and
operators – a breakthrough in cost-effective technology that reduces
pilot workload and improves mission effectiveness. This attitude-based
(AHRS-derived) flight control system boasts a number of
helicopter-tailored safety features, including stability augmentation
system (SAS), Garmin Helicopter Electronic Stability and Protection
(H-ESP™), dedicated return-to-level (LVL) mode, hover assist, as well as
overspeed and low speed protection. The GFC 600H can operate as a
full-featured standalone flight control system, but also offers
integration with compatible flight displays, including the Garmin G500H
and G500H TXi flight displays, instruments and navigation sources.

“Garmin designed the GFC 600H to significantly reduce inflight workload,
fatigue and stress levels for helicopter pilots who are often faced with
complicated missions in adverse weather conditions or degraded visual
environments,” said Carl Wolf, Garmin vice president of aviation sales
and marketing. “The GFC 600H combines our industry-leading flight
control capabilities with our helicopter experience and aviation safety
technology expertise to deliver a system that ultimately allows pilots
to focus more attention on accomplishing the multitude of missions they
face while trusting their helicopter flight to us.”

With its advanced AHRS technology and redundant, cross-checking sensors,
the GFC 600H was designed for smooth handling. The GFC 600H includes SAS
that provides inputs to help stabilize the helicopter while hand-flying.
The corrections provided by SAS serve to improve the helicopter’s basic
handling characteristics by maintaining a commanded attitude. Designed
with the pilot in mind, its cyclic-mounted trim controls allows for
seamless interactions without taking a hand off of the helicopter flight
controls during basic operations, including system initialization of the
SAS in attitude mode, adjustments of the pitch and roll trim, and much
more. While flying with SAS, pilots can easily “fly through” the flight
control inputs for smooth maneuvers beyond the preset trim condition.

Thanks to the hover assist mode, the system will also automatically
detect a hover condition and provide flight control inputs to help
maintain position over the ground. When equipped with the optional yaw
axis control, the GFC 600H will also hold heading in hover.

As a standard feature, Garmin H-ESP helps the pilot remain within a safe
envelope when hand-flying the helicopter. Should the pilot exceed
pre-determined pitch, roll or airspeed limitations, H-ESP provides a
corrective force on the flight controls proportionate to the exceedance.
H-ESP works in all modes – even when the pilot is hand-flying the
aircraft with the system not engaged – and can be manually disabled to
allow for maneuvering flight as needed. In potentially disorienting
situations, the GFC 600H features a dedicated LVL mode that can be
engaged by the pilot to automatically initiate recovery from unusual
attitudes and return the aircraft to straight-and-level flight, helping
to avoid a potential loss-of-control scenario.

The flight director can be displayed on an optional G500H or G500H TXi
flight display to help guide the pilot’s hand-flown inputs toward the
desired flight path, including heading, altitude, vertical speed, and
airspeed modes. For enroute and approach navigation, the system uses
guidance from a compatible Garmin navigator, such as the GTN™ 750/650
series, to automatically fly approaches and search and rescue patterns.
Additional vertical and lateral modes include altitude hold, altitude
select, vertical speed, indicated airspeed and heading select.

The GFC 600H features a stack-width mode controller with push-button
controls and a night vision goggle (NVG) compatible display. Its robust
architecture allows for both 2-axis and 3-axis configurations to provide
the features and handling characteristics needed for a helicopter.
Integrated “smart” servos provide pitch and roll inputs as commanded by
the system, and the available third servo and collective sensor provide
yaw axis control capability and smooth flight control adjustments when
the pilot moves the collective. Digitally controlled, high-torque servos
allow for faster, crisper, more powerful response, which enables the GFC
600H to perform with smooth efficiency and advanced capability.

With its extensive features and advanced technology, the GFC 600H offers
unprecedented value at a competitive price in a flight control system
for helicopters. Initial Supplemental Type Certification (STC) for the
Airbus AS350 B2/B3 is expected in Q4 2018. During the HAI HELI-EXPO in
Las Vegas, Feb. 27-Mar. 1, the GFC 600H will be on display in an AS350
B2 at the Garmin static exhibit in the North Hall N8. The GFC 600H is
supported by Garmin’s award-winning aviation product support team, which
provides 24/7 worldwide technical and warranty support.

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