Garmin Simplifies Database Updates With New flyGarmin app

Garmin simplifies avionics database updates such as navigation, charts and more with the new flyGarmin app for Windows, while also accommodating the distribution of Jeppesen charts. Using the flyGarmin app, pilots will enjoy a streamlined experience that makes database updates easier, requiring less time at their computer. Additionally, Jeppesen charts are available for ChartView-enabled devices and subscribers can now download Jeppesen charts alongside other databases purchased from Garmin, offering customers a single location to manage database updates and downloads.

Pilots and operators begin at to register their products and purchase databases a la carte or in convenient PilotPak database bundles. Prior to initiating a database download for the first time, flyGarmin will prompt customers to download the new flyGarmin app. Once the update process begins, the flyGarmin app will immediately initiate the database download process in the background. When the download is complete, the pilot or operator easily transfers the databases from their PC to the Garmin device. For added convenience, individual databases are only downloaded once, eliminating the need to download the same database multiple times across several different products. Boasting more reliable performance and in some cases faster download speeds than previously available, the flyGarmin app ensures a consistent experience throughout the update process.

Offered for the first time from Garmin, Jeppesen chart subscribers can now download and update Jeppesen charts in addition to Garmin’s databases from a single source. When purchased from, all charting databases can be conveniently downloaded alongside Garmin databases via the new flyGarmin app.

The flyGarmin app is available for Windows, with Mac availability expected in 2016. To take advantage of this new, streamlined database update method visit: