Garmin Pilot Adds Obstacles and Terrain for Android

New Subscription Pricing, Simulator Support and More 

Garmin is pleased to announce an updated version of the Garmin Pilot app for Android, which incorporates the display of both terrain and obstacles overtop Garmin’s rich, dynamic navigation maps, VFR Sectionals, IFR high and low enroute charts. These best-in-class terrain and obstacle overlays display visual alerts of potential hazards and enhance situational awareness, particularly in unfamiliar environments. In addition to terrain and obstacles, version 4.3 for Android supports X-Plane 10 and other compatible simulators, offers the option to display density altitude information and now includes a new subscription options.

Obstacles and Terrain Information

Garmin Pilot version 4.3 provides pilots with the option to overlay terrain and obstacles simultaneously on the moving map page, while still retaining the ability to view pertinent in-flight navigation information. Terrain and obstacle information can be overlaid and viewed in track-up format, ensuring flight plan information is upright and easy to read. Pilots also have access to a dedicated terrain page, so they may view terrain and obstacles in an arc or 360-degree view.  

With a premium upgrade, intuitive colors incorporated into Garmin Pilot help pilots easily discern their proximity relative to terrain. Pilots are provided visual caution or warning alerts when operating near obstacles or terrain that may be of potential conflict. Terrain data leverages highly detailed data found in Garmin avionics and portables and is available in various resolutions to provide pilots the flexibility to select the level of detail they prefer for their device. 

Simulator Support

Garmin Pilot now supports X-Plane, as well as a variety of other compatible simulators. Customers may launch X-Plane and connect Garmin Pilot to the simulator. Once the connection is made, Garmin Pilot conveniently sends AHRS information to display flight plan information within the application and the simulator.

Density Altitude

Pilots can optionally display density altitude information within Garmin Pilot in the METAR widget. By viewing widgets in split screen mode, density altitude is calculated and displayed to provide pilots information that is critical to aircraft performance. 

New Enhancements and Pricing on Optional Upgrade Packages  

The features of our upgrade packages have been enhanced to include visual and aural terrain and obstacle alerting. New packages include:

  • VFR Premium – $49.99 annually, which adds geo-referenced SafeTaxi diagrams along with terrain and obstacle alerts
  • IFR Premium – $74.99 annually, includes features of VFR Premium along with geo-referenced FliteCharts

The latest version of Garmin Pilot for Android is available immediately in the U.S. as a free update for existing Garmin Pilot subscribers. For new customers, Garmin Pilot is available in the Google Play store as a free trial for the first 30 days. For more information, visit