Garmin Offers New Online Weather Radar eLearning Course

Garmin is pleased to announce the availability of a Weather Radar Operations eLearning Course through the flyGarmin website. This new course introduces pilots to basic and intermediate weather radar operations and goes beyond the Pilot’s Guide to ensure pilots utilize the benefits provided by on-board weather radar. In addition to operational practices, this course will also cover radar interpretation and analytical techniques, which aid in the decision-making process and help pilots make better in-flight weather-related decisions.

The Weather Radar eLearning Course introduces pilots to operational principles and techniques for all phases of flight. Additional training topics include:

  • Understanding weather radar fundamentals
  • Increasing situational awareness through a combined use of airborne weather radar and NEXRAD
  • Weather avoidance decision-making and utilizing risk management practices 
  • Operational weather radar techniques with an emphasis on tilt and range management
  • Weather radar display interpretation
  • Automation management and competency

Upon completion of this course, pilots will be able to confidently operate and interpret weather radar displays and perform tilt and range management functions while gaining a better understanding of how to analyze and interpret a weather radar display.      

The Weather Radar eLearning Course is available as a 180-day subscription for $149.00 on the flyGarmin website. For additional information, visit or contact [email protected]