Garmin Introduces Lockheed Flight Plan Filing for Android and iOS and Brings Additional Enhancements to Garmin Pilot

Garmin is bringing enhanced flight plan filing capabilities to Garmin Pilot, which now incorporates the option to file flight plans directly with Lockheed Martin Flight Services. This results in increased flexibility and instantaneous flight plan delivery when filing flight plans within Garmin Pilot for iOS and Android customers. Additionally, an updated Android user interface leverages the latest Android design concepts to provide pilots with easier access to pertinent information in-flight.

Lockheed Martin ICAO Flight Plan Filing for iOS and Android

Garmin Pilot leverages modernized Lockheed Martin Flight Services to provide more timely, accurate and detailed flight plan filing capabilities. When filing an Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) or Visual Flight Rules (VFR) flight plan within Garmin Pilot, the app conveniently files the flight plan directly with Lockheed Martin to ensure fast delivery in the standard International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) format. Flight plans may be filed without a username/password combination and are made available to air traffic control immediately. Pilots may also select an FAA domestic flight plan filing option within the app, depending on preference and location.

Improved Trip Planning within iOS

Garmin Pilot iOS has incorporated a redesigned Trip Planning page, which includes a few additional features that provide convenient access to pertinent flight plan information. Within Trip Planning, pilots may view specific details regarding their flight plan and display details pertaining to their flight in a navigation log format. The addition of a weather brief icon within the Trip Planning page allows pilots to conveniently receive a legal weather briefing via Garmin Pilot, which displays textual weather products including: SIGMETs, AIRMETs, METARs, TAFs, PIREPs and more.

Enhanced Android User Interface

Pilots who utilize Garmin Pilot on their Android tablet or phone will find the user interface has been updated to reflect the latest Android design concepts. The home screen main menu has been transformed into a navigation drawer and split screen menu items that are now displayed in tabs for ease of use. The user interface has been redesigned to provide quick and easy access to pertinent information in-flight.

To access new features found within the Flight Plan section of Garmin Pilot, pilots can easily tap the header from any screen to create or edit a flight plan. The addition of a new summary section also incorporates extra flight plan details, such as distance, fuel, ETA, ETE and more. Summary details can be selected to display flight plan data using winds aloft calculations during the planning phase of flight, or pilots can leverage GPS information to display real-time flight plan data throughout an actual flight.

Flight Plan Chart Binders for Android

In addition to flight planning enhancements, Garmin Pilot now automatically generates a Chart Binder for all enroute airports within an active flight plan. As customers build a flight plan, charts are automatically downloaded and separated into departure, destination and flight plan binders for quick and easy access to Instrument Approach Procedures (IAPs) throughout a route of flight.

Additional Android user-interface enhancements include:

  • Multiple-page scratch pad options
  • Light and dark color themes
  • Night time SafeTaxi diagrams
  • VIRBXE Integration

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