Garmin Introduces GTN eLearning Essential Course

Garmin is pleased to announce the availability of an online GTN Essential eLearning course. This self-paced course goes beyond the Pilot’s Guide to help pilots maximize the benefits provided to them by the GTN 650/750 touchscreen avionics series. The GTN eLearning course provides pilots with a comprehensive overview of the GTN 650/750, which is perfect for any pilot whether they have an introductory, intermediate or advanced level of understanding and experience with the GTN touchscreen series.

The GTN eLearning course guides pilots through a variety of scenarios that helps build proficiency and confidence with the GTN 650/750. This course follows a flight instructor and student as they preform ground training and in-flight exercises along a cross-country flight, highlighting the GTN’s capabilities throughout each phase of flight. The course consists of six (6), 15-30 minute lessons, each concluding with a review of key points from each lesson. An assessment at the completion of the lesson allows pilots to practice and perform scenarios learned throughout each individual lesson. Throughout the 180-day subscription period, pilots have the option to re-take the entire course or review individual lessons as often as they wish. At the completion of the course, an assessment highlights key points from the entire session and puts pilots to the test, allowing them to perform “solo” in-flight scenarios as part of the final evaluation. 

As part of the GTN eLearning course, training topics include:

  • Map display set-up and navigation
  • Managing communication and navigation radios, including optional transponder interface
  • Accessing flight-critical information, including the nearest and waypoint functions
  • Utilizing Direct-to navigation
  • Creating and editing flight plans
  • Loading and activating departure, arrival and approach procedures, including missed approaches
  • Viewing electronic terminal charts
  • Using various utility functions, including VCALC and trip/fuel planning

The GTN Essential eLearning course is available today for $99 for a 180-day subscription and is periodically updated to ensure that pilots have access to the latest information available. For additional information and to purchase this course, visit:

In addition to the GTN eLearning course, several open seats remain for three in-house training classes tailored to pilots flying with the G500/G600 and GTN 650/750 avionics suite. Set in a collaborative classroom environment, this two-day class is designed to help pilots transition from analog instruments to Garmin glass panel flight displays. Training classes begin at 8:00 AM and conclude at 4:00 PM each day and include a factory tour, breakfast, lunch and beverages. Cost to attend the course is $625. The remaining class dates are as follows:

  • September 17-18
  • October 22-23
  • November 12-13

To attend any of the live G500/G600 and/or GTN 650/750 courses at Garmin Headquarters in Olathe, Kansas, register online by visiting: For additional information, contact [email protected] or call 866.739.5687.