Garmin G3X Touch Now Supports Connext Wireless Cockpit Connectivity

Garmin is pleased to announce the Connext wireless cockpit ecosystem is now supported by the G3X Touch. Customers who have incorporated G3X Touch into their experimental amateur-built or light sport aircraft (LSA), can now take advantage of wireless connectivity between select compatible Garmin avionics and Garmin Pilot on an iPad/iPhone and certain Android mobile devices. Depending on each individual installation, Connext supports the wireless transfer of flight plans and can share weather, traffic, attitude and GPS information within Garmin Pilot.

Flight planning is transformed with G3X Touch, which features built-in Connext Bluetooth wireless capabilities, providing customers the ability to wirelessly transfer flight plans between Garmin Pilot and corresponding GTN 650/750 or GNS 430W/530W navigators. Depending on the configuration, pilots can optionally select to send the flight plan to an external navigator such as the GTN or GNS WAAS series via G3X Touch. Alternatively, pilots can elect to only populate the flight plan within G3X Touch.  

When the avionics are powered on, flight plan transfers occur with a couple of taps. Pilots are offered the convenience of building a flight plan within Garmin Pilot and transferring it to G3X Touch or the GTN or GNS WAAS navigator. Conversely, flight plans that are modified on the GNS 430W/530W or GTN while on the ground or in-flight are automatically populated within Garmin Pilot, ensuring that flight plans always match. To help prevent unintended flight plan transfers from becoming active, pilots are required to acknowledge and accept all incoming flight plan requests before they become active in the navigator.

In addition to wireless flight plan transfers, attitude and heading reference system (AHRS) data can also wirelessly display back-up attitude information within Garmin Pilot. AHRS information provided by G3X Touch is accessible within the synthetic vision (SVX) page and split-screen panel page within Garmin Pilot. Adding to the wireless versatility of Connext, GPS location information from G3X Touch can be shared to display precise position information in Garmin Pilot. 

G3X Touch customers can take advantage of the Connext wireless cockpit ecosystem by downloading the latest G3X Touch software and upgrading to the latest version of Garmin Pilot on their iOS or Android device. For additional information or to download this software upgrade, visit: