Garmin Delivers Initial Orders For GDL 84 ADS-B Datalink

Most Advanced, Best Priced, All-in-One ADS-B Solution 

Garmin is pleased to announce that initial orders of the GDL 84, the latest addition to Garmin’s comprehensive lineup of certified ADS-B solutions, began shipping on Tuesday, February 10th. The GDL 84 provides an all-inclusive option for owners looking to satisfy the requirements of NextGen, while providing the benefits offered by ADS-B In without the need to significantly modify the panel of the aircraft. For $3,995, the GDL 84 comes complete with an integrated WAAS GPS, installation kit, configuration module, GPS antenna, and the Flight Stream Bluetooth wireless gateway, offering customers the industry’s most comprehensive ADS-B package and cost-effective solution available on the market today.

Installation is quick and easy because the GDL 84 is a straightforward solution that wirelessly transmits weather and traffic information via Flight Stream 110/210 to a mobile device with Garmin Pilot, instead of an installed multifunction display in the cockpit. Additionally, for aircraft owners who do not already have a compatible WAAS GPS position source on board their aircraft, the GDL 84 offers a built-in WAAS GPS receiver. The GDL 84 is an all-in-one solution, which meets regulatory requirements and gives pilots the added benefits without the cost associated with a large installation.

Becoming rule-compliant and preserving the existing aircraft panel are important to many aircraft owners. Because of the versatility and wireless functionality offered by the GDL 84 and Flight Stream, the existing panel configuration remains intact. Garmin’s patented self-interrogation feature allows the GDL 84 to wirelessly communicate and interface with a wide range of general aviation transponders to synchronize squawk code and ident. This unique technology enables the ADS-B Out source to broadcast the same code as the transponder, simplifying the installation and eliminating the need to install an additional ADS-B control panel. This exclusive feature reduces pilot workload, preventing the need to manually enter two squawk codes.

The GDL 84 has received the FAA’s Approved Model List Supplemental Type Certification (AML STC) for hundreds of aircraft makes and models. The GDL 84 system with the Flight Stream 110 Bluetooth wireless gateway is available for a list price of $3,995. Customers may upgrade to the Flight Stream 210, which adds wireless flight plan transfer capabilities and the display of back-up attitude information within Garmin Pilot for an additional $450. While the GDL 84 does not offer interface to avionics displays, customers may upgrade the GDL 84 to display traffic and weather on select Garmin avionics, such as the GTN 650/750, GNS 430W/530W, G500/G600 and more, for $1,995. For additional information regarding ADS-B and Garmin’s solutions, visit Garmin’s ADS-B Academy at or contact a Garmin Authorized Dealer.