Garmin Announces Availability of Low-Cost Radar Altimeter System

GI 205 Stand-Alone Indicator and GRA 55 Radar Altimeter Offer Best-in-Class, Complete Solution for the Latest Part 135 Operating Requirements

Garmin is pleased to announce the availability of the GI 205 stand-alone radar altimeter display, which is included in a comprehensive, best-in-class bundle. Owners and operators are offered an all-in-one and timely solution to satisfy the April 24, 2017 Part 135 helicopter operating requirements set forth by the FAA last year. This radar altimeter package includes the all-digital GRA 55 radar altimeter sensor, GI 205 radar altimeter indicator and two antennas for an introductory price of $11,995.

Garmin’s high performance GRA 55 includes patent-pending digital signal processing technology, leveraged from our high-end GRA 5500 radar altimeter, that works to provide smooth altitude tracking, resulting in a consistent and highly accurate above ground level indication. The GRA 55 also incorporates patent-pending built-in self-test monitors that continuously cross check system and data integrity, assuring the pilot of an accurate indication in even the most challenging environments, such as rough terrain, tree canopies, sand and choppy water. This technology also provides for a simple installation and easy calibration, which eliminates the requirement for long antenna cables that are typically required in the installation of radar altimeters.

The GI 205 stand-alone indicator offers a vibrant OLED display, providing both visual and audible alerts. Pilot-selectable decision height (DH) is easy to adjust using a knob and upon arrival at the DH, a “minimums, minimums” voice callout or traditional audible tone is provided to the pilot. Situational awareness is enhanced with an intuitive graphical trend indicator that displays vertical velocity information so altitude trend can easily be monitored and corrections can be made to promptly avoid inadvertent climbs or descents.

For Part 135 helicopter operators, the GRA 55 fulfills radar altimeter equipage requirements established by the FAA. When paired, the GRA 55 and GI 205 provide operators with a complete, cost-effective and best-in-class radar altimeter solution. The GRA 55 unit and installation components are available for a list price of $6,995 and are compatible with select Garmin Integrated Flight Decks and flight displays, the GTN 750/650 series, as well as select compatible third-party displays. A complete GRA 55 and GI 205 package (including antennas) is available for a list price of $11,995. For additional information, contact a Garmin authorized dealer.