Garmin adds attitude information to the aera 796/795

Garmin is excited to introduce a new version of software for the aera
796/795, which allows one of Garmin’s best-selling aviation portables to
receive even more information from the GDL 39 3D. When paired with the
GDL 39 3D via Bluetooth or standard hardwire connection, the aera
796/795 will display AHRS-like pitch and roll information and a
slip/skid ball.

After installing version 4.40 in the 796/795, attitude information
derived from the GDL 39 3D will appear on the 3D Vision page of the
aera. Pilots can choose from full screen attitude-based synthetic
vision, or split-screen with a moving map display on the bottom of the
page. Even further, up to four pilot-selectable data fields may be shown
on the map while in split-screen mode. Traffic and weather information
derived from the GDL 39 3D, may also be displayed simultaneously on the
moving map. When used in conjunction with the GDL 39 3D, the 3D Vision
page on the aera offers an enhanced level of situational awareness,
which provides valuable back-up attitude information.

In addition to pitch and roll information, the latest software for the
aera 796/795 series includes new flight plan editing capabilities.
Similar to the Garmin GTN touchscreen navigators, pilots can easily drag
and drop an active flight plan segment over an airport or waypoint for
convenient flight plan edits. For airspace or weather diversions,
customers can drag and drop a flight plan segment to an area where a
waypoint does not exist and the aera will create a new user waypoint and
insert it into the flight plan.

Version 4.40 is available immediately as a free update via WebUpdater
and offers existing customers exciting new features which aid in flight
planning and bring even more capability to the aera 796/795.