Garmin® Leads the Way to ADS-B Future, Introduces Comprehensive Lineup of Certified and Portable ADS-B Solutions

OLATHE, Kan.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Garmin International Inc., a unit of Garmin Ltd. (NASDAQ: GRMN), the global leader in satellite navigation, today announced a comprehensive suite of certified and portable ADS-B solutions, providing options for any aircraft owner to satisfy the U.S. NextGen mandate for ADS-B Out and also gain immediate access to the benefits of ADS-B In including high-integrity traffic and subscription-free weather information.

“No matter what type of aircraft you fly, where you fly or what you’re looking to get out of ADS-B, Garmin has a solution to meet your needs,” said Carl Wolf, Garmin’s vice president of aviation sales and marketing. “NextGen represents a significant opportunity for pilots to fly with greater safety, efficiency, flexibility and situational awareness. Our solutions go further than meeting the minimum requirements for ADS-B. They offer a full range of traffic, weather and other datalink display capabilities to give pilots the most complete picture of their operational environment. Our full line up of ADS-B products, along with our comprehensive ADS-B Academy website, support Garmin’s commitment to making the ADS-B transition easy and affordable for all aircraft owners.”

Garmin unveils the industry’s first dual-link ADS-B solution for certified aircraft

Today Garmin introduced the industry’s first dual-link ADS-B solution for certified aircraft, the GDL 88 series. The GDL 88 provides a simple, rule-compliant solution for aircraft operating in the U.S. and below 18,000 feet. The GDL 88 also brings the added benefit of access to advanced traffic information and subscription free weather for aircraft flying at any altitude. The innovative dual-link capability allows the GDL 88 to receive both the 978 MHz UAT and 1090 MHz frequency bands to provide the most comprehensive level of traffic situational awareness. Advanced traffic awareness features include TargetTrend™ relative motion technology, which helps the pilot visualize the trend of the traffic threats as it relates to their aircraft, and SURF technology, which detects other aircraft or ground vehicles on runways and taxiways that may pose a threat while taxiing or on approach.

Patent-pending technology allows the GDL 88 to be compatible with a wide range of general aviation transponders to synchronize squawk code and ident, eliminating the need to install a dedicated UAT control panel. For aircraft owners who do not already have a compatible WAAS GPS position source on board their aircraft, the GDL 88 is available with an optional built-in high integrity WAAS GPS receiver. The GDL 88 is also available with optional antenna diversity, to enhance detection of traffic both above and below the aircraft while working to minimize blind spots caused by the wings or fuselage during aircraft maneuvering. This is especially useful in maintaining optimal reception of ADS-B traffic during ground operations.

The GDL 88 is expected to receive the FAA’s Approved Model List Supplemental Type Certification (AML STC) in Q4 2012 and it will be approved on a broad model list covering most Part 23 fixed-wing aircraft. The GDL 88 is expected to be available at that time starting at $3,995.

New certification for the GTX 330/33 ES meets ADS-B compliance standards

Garmin also announced that it expects to receive the FAA’s TSO-C166b authorization for the GTX 330 and GTX 33 transponders with Extended Squitter (ES) transmission capabilities. The new certification allows these Mode-S transponders to meet current ADS-B compliance standards as a certified ADS-B Out solution, when paired with a compatible WAAS position source. The GTX 330/33 ES broadcasts on the 1090 MHz ADS-B frequency, making this an ideal solution for aircraft that fly at any altitude or outside of the U.S. where it will be required to broadcast on the 1090 frequency band. For experimental aircraft equipped with G3X, the GTX 23 ES is also available as an affordable path to compliance.

This is also an easy and affordable option for any aircraft already equipped with a GTX 330, GTX 33 or GTX 23 series transponder. Customers with a standard GTX 330/33 transponder can purchase an ES upgrade from a Garmin Authorized dealer for $1,200, available in Q4 2012. For aircraft owners that already have a GTX 330 ES, GTX 33 ES or a GTX 23 ES, a free update will be available through Garmin Authorized Dealers1. Garmin expects to receive the new Technical Standard Orders (TSO) certification in Q4 2012. The GTX 330 ES and GTX 33 ES are expected to receive the FAA’s Approved Model List Supplemental Type Certification (AML STC) in Q4 2012 and it will be approved on a broad model list covering most Part 23 fixed-wing aircraft.

Get datalink traffic and subscription-free weather with the dual-link portable GDL 39

The GDL 39 portable ADS-B receiver offers a simple, affordable way for pilots to get the benefits of ADS-B In on a portable device. The GDL 39 combines a dual-link ADS-B receiver and a GPS receiver into a single product that streams ADS-B traffic and subscription-free weather information to select Garmin aviation portable GPS and Garmin Pilot on an iPad, iPhone or Android device.

Traffic and weather compatible displays for the GDL 39 include the aera® 796/795, aera 500 series, GPSMAP® 696/695, G3X™ experimental flight display and select Garmin Pilot app compatible devices. The GDL 39 provides wireless support Garmin Pilot compatible mobile devices via built-in Bluetooth® connection. Bluetooth support for the aera 796/795 will be available later this year. Other Garmin portables including the GPSMAP 696/695 and the aera 500 series can connect to the GDL 39 with a single cable. Traffic only compatible displays include the GPSMAP 496/495 and GPSMAP 396.

The GDL 39 will be available at next week’s EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wis. for $799. Customers who purchase a GDL 39 before August 31 will be eligible for a mail-in rebate to receive a free rechargeable battery pack and carrying case.

Find answers at Garmin’s ADS-B Academy

Knowing how to prepare for and benefit from ADS-B is important, which is why Garmin has created the ADS-B Academy. This online resource provides the tools pilots need to make smart, informed decisions about how to transition to this new air traffic technology. Pilots will find answers to their ADS-B questions through graphics, videos and an interactive tool that guides them to their best ADS-B solution.

For more information about ADS-B and Garmin’s solutions, visit the ADS-B Academy at

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