I.D. Systems and Garmin Team to Provide New Airport Safety Solution: SafeNav™ Airport Vehicle Navigation System

I.D. Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: IDSY), a leading provider of wireless asset
management technology, and Garmin International, Inc., a global leader
in navigation and communication devices, have entered into a
distribution agreement to bring an innovative new airport safety product
to the aviation industry. The product—SafeNav™ Powered by Garmin™—is an
on-vehicle, GPS-based navigation and alert system designed to provide
airport vehicle operators with real-time situational awareness, with the
goal of avoiding accidental runway incursions. Initial shipments of
SafeNav™ are expected to commence in the second half of 2010.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has placed runway
incursions on its “Most Wanted” list of transportation safety
improvements every year since the list’s inception in 1990. The Federal
Aviation Administration (FAA) has similarly made “reduction in the
number and severity of runway incursions” one of its top priorities. In
an Advisory Circular, the FAA states:

The control of vehicular activity on the airside of an airport is of
the highest importance. The airport operator is responsible for
developing procedures, procuring equipment, and providing training
regarding vehicle operations to ensure aircraft and personnel safety.

In the same document, the FAA attributes incidents involving aircraft
and ground vehicles, in part, to inadequate visual aids and vehicle
operator training, and encourages airport operators to “establish
procedures and policies concerning vehicle access and vehicle operation
on the airside of the airport”. The FAA emphasizes that special
consideration should be given to vehicle operations during low
visibility conditions, such as rain, snow and fog, which may obscure
airport markings and diminish vehicle operators’ situational awareness.

SafeNav™ Powered by Garmin™ is designed to address precisely these
concerns. The system enhances the situational awareness of airport
vehicle operators—regardless of visibility and other external
conditions—by providing an on-vehicle “moving map” of the vehicle’s
location on the airport. SafeNav™ incorporates:

  • Built-in maps of over 950 U.S. airports, based on the reference
    airport diagrams used by aircraft equipped with Garmin’s SafeTaxi®
  • Real-time tracking of vehicle location on the airport via a 4.3-inch,
    wide-format, touchscreen display
  • Built-in geo-fencing algorithms to define airport runways
  • Risk-weighted color coding on maps to alert vehicle operators visually
    to potential runway incursions
  • Automatic audible alarming to alert vehicle operators aurally to
    potential runway incursions

“SafeNav™ will not only assist experienced vehicle operators at night
and during periods of low-visibility, it will serve as an important
safety tool for new or transient vehicle operators who are unfamiliar
with the airport’s taxiways and runways,” said Gary Kelley, Garmin’s
vice president of marketing.

SafeNav™ is available both as a standalone safety device and as a
complementary extension of I.D. Systems’ AvRamp® Wireless Vehicle
Management System, which provides safety controls, maintenance
monitoring, and utilization analysis for fleets of airport
vehicles.SafeNav™ by itself supports several of the FAA’s “Best
Practices for Airfield Safety” , including:

  • Distributing current airport diagrams for use in airside vehicles
  • Training vehicle drivers where to look for airport traffic when pilots
    and the control tower are silent
  • Improving airport safety by stressing and understanding situational

“SafeNav™ essentially brings the safety functions of our successful
SafeTaxi® system from the cockpits of aircraft into the cabs of airside
airport vehicles,” said Kelley. “We are committed to using our
technology to increase situational awareness in the air and on the
ground, and we look forward to working with I.D. Systems to bring
SafeNav™ to the airport vehicle market.”

Using SafeNav™ in conjunction with I.D. Systems’ AvRamp® system
satisfies another FAA best practice: ensuring that personnel with access
to vehicles in the airport area of operations (AOA) have appropriate
authorization and driver training.

AvRamp®—which was developed in part through Transportation Security
Administration funding and is FAA-approved—provides a wide range of
vehicle safety, security and operational functions, including: automatic
on-vehicle driver authentication and access control; electronic safety
inspection checklists; speed monitoring and impact sensing; real-time
location tracking; remote vehicle shutdown/lockout; and fleet
productivity optimization tools. AvRamp® is currently deployed at two
major U.S. airports: Dallas-Fort Worth and Chicago O’Hare.

“The SafeNav™ concept was a natural extension of the comprehensive
safety functionality we provide with AvRamp®,” said Peter Fausel, I.D.
Systems’ executive vice president of sales. “We are thrilled to
collaborate with Garmin, which has become a household name by providing
some of the world’s most innovative and successful navigation products.
We see SafeNav™ as another great idea for improving airport safety.”

Editorial Notes:

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