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Control. Everything.

OneHelm™ brings together all the operations and capabilities provided by our industry associates into one simple, convenient control center — the screen of your Garmin MFD.


Böning Ship Automation has been in the marine market for 40 years and develops and manufactures Ship Monitoring and Control Systems, integrated to the Navigation system of the vessels. Böning offers a wide range of electronics, such as tank monitoring systems, navigation lights panels, dashboards, engine monitoring systems, NMEA compatible devices, cabin lights controls and sensors.


CZone digital switching simplifies operation by combining multiple circuits into predefined modes. CZone offers effortless monitoring oversight of key systems, and advanced control of individual circuits and functions. With a focus on partner integration, CZone delivers a leading solution for onboard automation.


EmpirBus digital switching and monitoring replaces standard mechanical circuit breakers and switches with state-of-the-art digital power distribution to provide reliable, convenient and easy-to-use operation. It features fully customizable layouts and graphics with a simple drag-and-drop graphic interface builder.


Offering quality marine hardware, the GROCO line includes products and systems for water pressure, marine toilets and sanitation, raw water strainers, fittings, heat exchanges, pumps and more.

HP Watermakers

Since 1995, HP Watermakers has produced a wide range of fully automated start-and-stop-operated desalination plants for the yachting industry. HP Watermakers fulfills onboard water needs by processing water from the sea to the drinking glass.


Lumishore builds advanced high-performance underwater LED lighting solutions for boats of all types and sizes from RIBs to Superyachts. Their Lumi-Link™ plug-&-play MFD integration lets boaters take full control of their Lumishore EOS or SUPRA lighting system directly from their MFD with Lumishore full functionality.

Lumitech Logo

A leading designer and manufacturer of extreme environment LED lighting solutions, Lumitec offers a wide selection of products for marine applications, including underwater, courtesy, accent, dome, down, flood, utility and navigation lighting needs.


The all-in-one Maretron vessel monitoring and control system gives users a simple, easy-to-use interface with a built-in, comprehensive alert system.


The Carling Technologies® OctoPlex® system puts the user in complete control of all AC and DC loads within the vessel. The system utilizes the NMEA 2000® network to allow monitoring and control of common marine devices, while reducing installation complexity and weight.


E-T-A PowerPlex® easily connects and automates all AC and DC loads onboard, including lighting, climate control, air con, pumps and more. The PowerPlex Webserver brings vessel control and monitoring conveniently onto MDFs. This is not a one-size-fits-all solution. The power of PowerPlex is the ability to design an onboard switching and automation solution around a customer’s requirements — no matter the complexity.


Established in 1992, Quick Spa specializes in the production of nautical equipment. All the products are designed, engineered and produced in Italy. Quick offers a full range of products, such as gyroscopic stabilizers, technical and decorative marine lighting, windlasses, anchoring systems, battery chargers, thrusters, docking systems and water heaters.


Scheiber specializes in the development, design and manufacture of onboard power systems for boats of all sizes to control lighting, air-conditioning, heating, generators and monitor tank levels, service batteries and more.


Innovative Seakeeper technology changes the boating experience by eliminating up to 95 percent of all boat roll, the rocking motion that causes seasickness, fatigue and anxiety. Seakeeper offers a growing selection of models for an expanding range of boat sizes.


Shadow-Caster LED Lighting manufactures LED lighting and control products for the marine industry. All manufacturing and engineering facilities are located in Dunedin, Florida. Established in 2009, Shadow-Caster has been a consistent innovator for connected lighting products for the marine industry.

Victron Energy

Victron Energy has served the maritime world for more than 45 years, providing a comprehensive range of electronics products, including DC distribution systems, batteries and chargers, inverters to isolation transformers and system monitoring.

Yacht Controller

Yacht Controller, providing wireless control for yachts, is a 15-year proven system used on more than 17,000 boats of all sizes and 200+ brands and can be fitted to any vessel. Yacht Controller users enjoy precise control of their boats for maneuvering, docking, anchoring, rafting and more — and they’re rewarded with an enhanced boating experience.

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