Interested in loaning your aircraft for our autopilot certification efforts?

Garmin is working to expand GFC™ 500 and GFC 600 availability to a wide range of aircraft models. To do this, we undertake a certification program for each aircraft model we certify. This involves the design, installation and flight testing of the autopilot in the aircraft, and we are constantly looking for aircraft to use in these efforts. If you are interested in allowing us to use your aircraft in a certification program, please let us know.

NOTE: This may involve you being without your aircraft for an extended period of time.

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GFC 600 is intended for high performance piston single/twin-engine and turbine aircraft that have a wide range of aircraft speed and performance characteristics. GFC 500 is intended for less complex piston single-engine aircraft

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Thank you for your interest in our autopilot solutions.

GFC 500 Digital Autopilot or GFC 600 Digital Autopilot

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