inReach: Be Prepared Wherever You Are

Another rescue is in the books for inReach and it’s communication technology, which helped save the lives of Steve Mitchell and his friend Jake. They were stranded in the wilderness with minimal survival gear, deep snow, and 15 degree temperatures.

What started out like a normal day at the Mitchell family cabin with Steve riding snowmobiles in the backcountry quickly turned into a chaotic situation for himself and Jake. Steve’s snowmobile had gotten stuck in deep snow and there was no way out and no cell service. With the communication capabilities of the inReach, Steve was able to turn his nightmare of a scenario into a harrowing rescue. Steve has recounted the situation on his blog.

Steve and Jake’s story can serve as a reminder that no matter how prepared or experienced of an outdoorsman, there is always an opportunity for something to go wrong. With their survival skills in full force Steve and Jake were able to outwit mother nature and return home to their families.

We are very grateful that Steve made it home safely and we hope this story will justify the importance of having an inReach device. You can join the adventure and share your stories with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram using #HaveNoLimits or #inReachLife.