Connect IQ: Hiking App Professional

Are you an avid hiker who’s also a serious data junkie? Are you interested in utilizing one of our most beneficial outdoor tools for your next hiking expedition? This is all possible with the Garmin fēnix 3 smart watch and the Connect IQ Store. With the Connect IQ Store you can get the most out of your fēnix 3 by downloading custom watch faces, apps, data fields, and widgets for outdoor activities like hiking.

Introducing the Hiking App Professional from the Connect IQ Store. The Hiking App Professional supports you in improving your hiking performance by tracking the most important parameters like distance, speed, pace, time, and heart rate, all on one simple screen. The app will also show calorie info, steps, battery status, and much more. Hiking can be tough both physically and mentally, but with this data on your wrist, you can hike with all the information you need.


There’s also an exclusive variety of watch faces, apps, data fields, and widgets to choose from on the Connect IQ Store and it’s growing rapidly every day. Interested in building something with us? Connect IQ is our first-ever open platform for third-party developers to create apps for our products. Get the Connect IQ SDK now to start building apps for our wearable devices.

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