A sailboat with Garmin electronics

Marine Electronics for Your Sailboat: What Do You Need?

Set Sail with Garmin

Your sailboat is an investment that can provide a lifetime of enjoyment, but only if properly cared for. Running aground, getting lost, breaking down — the list of hazards every time you hoist the mainsail is long.

While some sailboat captains are hesitant to complicate the simplicity of sailing with electronics, when fog or weather moves in, it could be the difference between safe harbor and a night spent on the water.

Marine electronics won’t just help to keep you and your crew safe; they can also help you sail your boat more efficiently.

Garmin Sailboat Products

When it’s time to equip your boat for comfort, safety or compliance, you have endless options. Our Marine System Builder can help you get started. If you’re overwhelmed with options, the following products are a great start:

GNX™ Wireless Sail Pack 52

Get the data you need to help you sail your boat with efficiency and ease. With this pack, you’ll have all the equipment you need to know what’s going on with the wind and the water without running a cable up the mast.

GPSMAP® Series

A powerful chartplotter to help you navigate with features to help you sail with confidence. Garmin SailAssist™ provides the wind data you need to trim sails and find the right heading for your vessel. Want to find the perfect spot to anchor up? Pair it with the optional Panoptix™ PS51-TH with premium FrontVü forward-looking sonar that displays the bottom up to 300’ ahead of your boat in real time.

GPSMAP® 86sci

This handheld marine GPS provides everything you need for a safe day out on the water. With its built-in inReach® Satellite Communicator1, it also acts as an emergency beacon. Install it at your helm or take it with you to a different boat — portable marine navigation, made easy.

VHF 215 AIS Marine Radio

No one can help you if they can’t hear you. A marine radio is a valuable tool and an important piece of safety equipment every sailboat should have — and this one displays AIS targets on the Garmin chartplotter to enhance situational awareness and collision avoidance.

Garmin SailAssist Sailing Features

Sailing is in our blood. Garmin marine electronics are built with sailing-specific features to help you captain your boat.

Sailing Polars

Should you bear off or trim the jib? Polar tables will take the guesswork out of trimming the sails and provides target boat speed and target wind angles unique to your boat so you can always see how fast you should be sailing at a specific wind speed and wind angle.

Sailing Filtering

Thanks to customizable data-filtering capabilities, you can set the system up exactly how you want to filter values for wind speed, drift and wind angle for easy interpretation.

Looking for more SailAssist features? View laylines, race start guidance, enhanced wind rose, heading and course-over-ground lines, true wind data fields and tide/current/time slider, wind angle, set and drift, wind speed, polars and more on compatible Garmin marine electronics.

Technology You Can Trust

Prepare for an emergency before it happens and protect your investment for years to come.  Enjoy peace of mind aboard your boat with Garmin at the helm.

1Active satellite subscription required. Some jurisdictions regulate or prohibit the use of satellite communication devices. It is the responsibility of the user to know and follow all applicable laws in the jurisdictions where the device is intended to be used.