Wings for Life World Run: Meet Germany’s Andrea Diethers

Hey there, my name is Andrea and I am from Hamburg, Germany. 

Running is my greatest passion and it is an important part of my life. I love to run everywhere – on trails, streets, tracks – and any distance from 3000m full speed to ultradistances. I also like to travel the world. I think the best way to dive into a foreign country is to run it. I just need my backpack with some running clothes, my Garmin fenix 3 to navigate and I am ready for the adventure. 

Just a few days ago I ran about 200 kilometers of the Israel National Trail and finished as 4th woman at the Jerusalem halfmarathon. It was such a great and challenging experience! In Israel the longest running stage was 60 kilometers on one day – perfect training to improve stamina and to get fit for the WFLWR. The last day of my trip I ran the Jerusalem halfmarathon. This was one of my toughest races because it was the first time I started a race with tired legs. I am so happy that I finished this competition! I had a nice fight with my sore muscles 🙂 but keeping #BeatYesterday in mind quitting my last travel stage was no option! I made it to the finish line – yeah! I think every runner knows the great feeling of crossing the finish line of a hard race! 

I love to explore my limits and I think it is fun to try new things. That is the reason why I like the idea of WFLWR so much! There is no static finish line you can focus on while running – the goal is dynamic. You don´t know where your personal finish line will be and I am so curious about it to run as far as possible before the Catcher Car catches me. As I am a traveler I also love it to run with the whole world for a good cause. I am counting the days to the WFLWR and I am looking forward to run with all of you!

Until then, stay fit and enjoy your training! 


Photo courtesy of Inger Diederich

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