Transforming Your Body One Step at a Time

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Starting fresh in January allows people to reflect on their past habits and make resolutions or goals they are going to set for themselves to achieve throughout 2016. For Sue Wilbur and Cardave Sandifer, it didn’t take the start of a new year to want make a change and start fresh. Sue and Cardave had completely separate lives, but each faced a life changing diagnosis that inspired incredible transformations.

In September 2014, Sue (above) was diagnosed with breast cancer and three months later underwent a bilateral mastectomy. Her doctor recommended she start walking and make changes to lead a healthier lifestyle. For Christmas, her son gifted her a vivofit which she uses everyday on her road to achieving her fitness goals. Sue set a goal weight and once she achieved that goal, she set another and so on until she hit her ideal weight. Sue lost over 30 pounds and went from a size 16 down to a size 8. She credits her ability to achieve her goals to the vivofit, which keeps her accountable and gives her an idea of calories burned, steps taken, and miles walked.


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In 2012, Cardave started his journey. He was overweight and constantly felt tired. When he took a trip to his doctor, he learned he had high cholesterol as well as Type 2 Diabetes and he knew he had to make a change that day. For the next few months, Cardave cut out bread and red meat, adding vegetables to his diet. He also drank more than half a gallon of water each day. While watching his diet, he also started training to run. After 3 months, he lost 35 pounds and in the next 3 months he dropped another 45 pounds.  

His first race was the Chicago Spring half marathon and his time was 1:45:46. He was immediately hooked. He then worked to cut his time down to 1:39:00 in his next half and completed a full marathon in 3:17:00. Cardave trained with the Forerunner 220 and the Forerunner 620, which helped him improve his time by using the VO2 max feature. He loves the touch screen and how lightweight it is, as well as how easy it is to sync data from the watch to Garmin Connect.

Both of these transformation took hard work and courage. We applaud those who want to make a healthy change to their lifestyle! Do you have a story like Cardave or Sue? Email us at [email protected]. #BeatYesterday