Track Your Perimenopause and Menopause Symptoms in Garmin Connect

Menstrual cycle tracking in Garmin Connect is for everyone, including those experiencing perimenopause and menopause. But if you don’t have a period, what can you track? You can set up the feature using the No Period cycle type, then go to Settings and turn on Perimenopause/Menopause Symptoms under Logging. Now you can track physical symptoms, emotional changes and record your personal notes.  

Physical Symptoms 

Once your settings are updated, you’ll see a set of symptoms specific to what your body is experiencing. You can keep track of random spotting, hot flashes and much more. As you track, you’ll get reports that can help identify trends and help you make connections between how you’re feeling and how your body is changing.  

Emotional Changes 

Mood swings are no joke during menopause, thanks to those fluctuating hormones. And you can track them all in Garmin Connect. Happy, irritable, sad — no matter what you’re going through, you can track it. You’ll be able to see patterns over time and be more mindful of how you feel overall.   

Personal Notes 

We know that everyone’s symptoms are different, so we added a personal notes section, because we wanted you to have a way to track everything you’re feeling. You can add in personal notes such as what felt different from yesterday to today. What kind of foods did you eat and how did they make you feel? Whatever stands out to you is fair game.  

This feature can help you stay in tune with your body during perimenopause and menopause. You’ll be able to look back on your records to tell your doctor, to see how you felt from one week to another, to see if your symptoms are decreasing and so on. Above all, you can build a better awareness of your body, so you can work toward feeling your best. So keep tracking and keep beating yesterday.  

Check out the Menstrual Cycle Tracking in Garmin Connect blog post to learn more about setting up the feature and downloading the Connect IQ app.