Setting Up the Run/Walk Feature

We hope you enjoy the following guest post by Ambassador Ivie Hasegawa.
As an avid run/walker, I get MANY MANY questions about how to use the run/walk feature on Garmin devices.  To help with this, I wanted to make a step by step guide on how to set up this feature on your Garmin if you’re new to run/walking, have a new Garmin device, or just want to check out the option.

When I got my Garmin fēnix 3, setting up the feature was different than the Garmin Forerunner 620 that I was using before.  It took me a while to figure it out, but we made it.  I got hung up on the word ‘interval’ when setting up my watch.  Although in run/walking we refer to the run or walk time as our interval, it is different than interval training, which is more what the interval function is for on the Garmin. The setup is the same for my Garmin Vivoactive, so I’m assuming with the latest round of Garmins it must be pretty similar.

Here is how you set up the run/walk feature in the running app of your watch.

step 1

STEP 1:  The first thing you want to do is go into the SETTINGS on your watch

STEP 2:  Open the Apps.  This will bring up the list of all of the applications you have on your watch like running, swimming, walking, etc.

step 2

STEP 3:  Click on the application you want to add you run/walk to.  In this case I clicked on RUN, but like I said earlier the same can be done for trail running

STEP 4:  Once you click on the RUN application, scroll until you see ALERTS.  This is going to have you set up alerts for when you’re using the run application. note: you can do the same steps if you choose an activity like Trail Run as well. 

step 3

STEP 5:  Click on ADD NEW

STEP 6:  Scroll to Run/Walk.


STEP 7:  Add your RUN time and add your WALK time.  Once complete it will show you your RUN/WALK ratio.

For more information on figuring out the right run/walk ratio for you, check out Jeff Galloway’s website

By setting up your watching this way, your run/walk timer will automatically start when you start using your RUN feature of the watch.  Unlike the interval timers that will only beep a maximum number of times, you will not have to reset it during a long run.  You can also edit mid run by following the same steps.

Happy Running!