Optimize Your Body’s Performance With InsideTracker: Part III

Garmin Ambassador Lindsey B. (@lindsey_runs) wanted a way to analyze how her training, nutrition, and other biomarkers were contributing to her overall fitness level and helping her beat yesterday. We connected her to InsideTracker, giving customers personalized, sophisticated, science-based blood analytics. This is her third post on the process. In case you missed her initial thoughts and experience with the sign-up process click here, and for her results click here

I have been incorporating the feedback from the previous InsideTracker results into my daily life for the past several months. The initial results that I received from my blood work were not shocking. I knew that I was not training holistically and was not addressing key factors within training, such as nutrition and recovery. I not only knew this to be the case, I was feeling the aftermath of the neglect. I was consistently tired, I got sick easily, and my energy levels drastically fluctuated throughout the day. So, as I’ve stated in previous blogs, the chance to work with InsideTracker was exactly what I needed!

The retest checked the same biomarkers as the first test – through the Ultimate + InnerAge plan. The retest results provided the exact same level of in-depth information to go off of. Again, they displayed the range for each level to clearly indicate where the results fell. Above all else, I have found this method of providing results to be extremely helpful. Instead of just indicting that your levels are “good,” InsideTracker still gives you where you fall within the range. This was helpful for me so that I could focus on all of my levels, instead of only the ones that needed work or were at risk. In the retest results, the graphs also show you where you have either improved or worsened since the last blood work.

My first results reported that I had 7 biomarkers in the “need work” range. As I’ve stated, I was not surprised by these results. However, seeing exactly where I fell on the charts really forced me to realize that my improper training was taking a negative toll on my health. As most of us train to improve our health and overall life quality, it was disappointing to see the negative impact that was occurring. I was immediately ready to make a lifestyle change.

InsideTracker provided numerous ways of correcting my imbalances. They really took my preferences into consideration when developing suggestions. For example, I did not want to start taking a ton of different supplements to fix my problem areas, so InsideTracker gave multiple options that did not involve this avenue. The largest aspects that I changed within the last several months were getting more sleep and choosing better foods to eat. Sleeping is a big issue for me, as I am a current doctoral candidate and have a very busy schedule to keep up with. Unfortunately, the majority of my imbalances stemmed from lack of sleep. This is where my Garmin Forerunner 735XT came in handy! Tracking my sleep through Connect IQ and fixing my downfalls were key in getting my levels up to par. Additionally, I incorporated more of the foods that InsideTracker suggested into my daily meals (such as salmon). I started meal prepping my lunches in advance, which really helped ensure that I was getting the nutrients that I needed.

After continually implementing the changes suggested by InsideTracker into my daily life, I only had 1 biomarker in the “need work” category, and this specific biomarker is only slightly above my optimal zone. Better than that, I can feel a difference in the amount of energy I am experiencing. Overall, I feel stronger and less stressed. I have not gotten sick since making these lifestyle changes and feel as though my body recovers from my workouts faster. I was even able to improve on some of the levels that I met bare minimum on previously (such as my calcium). I am greatly impressed with InsideTracker as a service and as a company. The information they provide is extremely useful and easy to follow. As a company, the individuals who work there are in a constant effort to improve. They have been a joy to work with! If you are on the fence about using InsideTracker, or have even had interest in the process, I would absolutely suggest trying it out. I will continue to incorporate these changes into my life, and consistently try to do better based off of the suggestions they have given.

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